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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Healthy Hoarding

I am so far behind in documenting our birthday extravaganzas.

It has a little to do with this time of year being so busy.  And a little to do with the food comas that I have been finding myself in daily.

Indulging in all of our favorites for TWO weeks takes a toll.

Something that I never thought I would say.

Kev's birthday was yesterday... but we still have at least two more "favorites" meals to finish out the week.

By then I will be crying "uncle" and surrendering to all of the healthy food in my pantry.

I am officially desperate for a week of salads and bananas and green monsters.

And all of the things that I stocked up on during my visit to Trader Joe's last week.

Like nut butters...

The butters are the #1 reason that I go to Trader Joe's!  They are incredibly delicious and CHEAP!  Sunflower seed and almond with sea salt are my faves! 

Yes, I bought a million jars times two.

 And organic broth....

This time of year I LOVE making soups.... and again... you can't beat the taste and price!

(It's too bad that my soup pot is full of oil that was used to fry shrimp wontons - which were delicious by the way.  And it is too bad that we don't have the energy to throw out the oil because we are so lethargic from eating too many of the wontons.)

( Guess it is time to find a new soup pot!)

And spices.  Check out these flavors!
We have only used the flower pepper and South African smoke and they have both been delicious!

Perfect for salads and veggies and soups and anything else that my body is desperate for.

My pantry and freezer are literally busting at the seams right now.  Which is good because I probably won't be allowed to grocery shop for another five months.

And now for MY last "favorites" meal......  Eggplant Parmesan.

I made this last weekend to finish out my week of delish.

I used Puttenesca sauce ( from Trader Joe's!) and fresh mozzarella to layer in between the eggplant.

Served with FRESH linguine noodles!  I've never had freshly made noodles before.  Yum!

Also, parmesan bread and a big giant salad. 

I'm so glad to see that I did manage to get a big salad in... since I have lost all memory of eating healthy foods.

Thank goodness I take pictures of my food. 

And now I am off to unload the dishwasher for the THIRD time in 24 hours and to start planning next week's meals.

I'm thinking almond butter soup.

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