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Thursday, December 22, 2011


One of my FAVORITE places to eat is Cinnamon Hill.
I have written about it before and will hopefully continue to write about it for years to come.
We have been going there for about 18 years.  It has changed owners many times.  It has changed menus many times.  It has changed atmospheres many times. 

But ultimately it is the same sweet historic home that holds so many memories for me.

We started going there with my Nana for special occasions.  It was always such a treat.  To this day I can't drive by or visit the home without picturing us sitting on the front porch swing getting our picture taken.

There was even a short period of time where the house was up for sale and I wanted more than anything to be able to purchase it and move in!  I must have researched it forever ( and realized there was no way we could afford it! ).... but it is just that special to me.

This year my Mom took me to celebrate my birthday!  We went a couple of weeks late just due to busy schedules - but believe me it was a lunch that I was counting down the days for!

The large beautiful home is mostly a ( precious!) gift shop now, but they have a small area dedicated to teas and luncheons. 

Vera's Veranda.
( We were seated in a very sunny spot - hence the shadowing!)

My beautiful Mom!
Their specialty ( one of the many) is the tea.  They change it up from day to day and offer it in unsweet or sweet.

The tea of the day was acai berry.
And it tasted as good as it looks!! I probably had four glasses.

Their other specialty is the salad trio plate.  They have many, many options on their menu -mainly sandwiches and salads - but the trio offers a choice of three of your favorite salads with pita chips.

We always order the exact same thing.  Chicken salad + broccoli salad + the pasta salad of the day.

It is amazing.  And light.  And requires me to eat like a lady.

Which is good for me every now and then.

We ate.  We caught up on each other's lives.  And then we shopped - mainly just going from room to room to look at every single trinket and treasure.

It was the perfect day!  And another special memory to add to my collection.

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  1. Kim! This blog entry made me cry!! It is so special to me to be able to take you to Cinnamon Hill!! You are such a sweet and thoughtful person!! I think about this place often also, and all the special times we took Nana there! Thanks for enjoying Cinnamon Hill as much as I do, and thanks for being a special part of my life! Love, mom