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Sunday, December 11, 2011

And The Birthdays Continue....

Today, the 11th, was our last birthday celebration of the year. 

Even though it is not our last family birthday.

It was just our last party for the "locals".

And all I've got to say is "whew!".

There are only so many fancy feasts that a girl and boy can handle.

Not to mention how busy things have been around here.

My Mom and Dad had us over for a party this afternoon.  It was in honor of Ashlynn, Austin, Kev, and myself.

It was a lot of fun and full of obnoxious laughter - as usual.

I even managed to contort my mouth just so that I only blew out my candle which was in the middle of the other birthday folk's candles.

I must say that it was a pretty exciting and proud moment in my life... even though I was so focused on my mouth shape that I forgot to make a wish.

Thank goodness for eyelashes and pennies in the parking lot.  I will hopefully be able to make up for it soon.

So, yesterday marked the end of Kev's birthday week (finally!).  It's not that I was tired of celebrating his birth - I was just tired of eating his favorites.

They weren't really the healthiest of choices.  In fact, they weren't healthy at all. And all of that food plus only getting to the gym ONCE has resulted in a uncomfortable and sluggish Kim.

Nothing that a class of hot yoga can't fix.  Along with a pretty intense fitness routine this week.  I will be back on track in no time.

And speaking of the food... I will break down our "eats" over the next couple of posts.  It will be less overwhelming that way.

Last Sunday we kicked off our celebration with grilled steak sandwiches.  They have quickly become our new favorite "hot off the grill" meal.

We especially love them because we can change the ingredients up as we see fit.

Kev grilled a flank steak with onions and peppers.  I cooked some mushrooms.  And then we put it all on some freshly grilled hoagie buns with pepper jack cheese and spicy ranch sauce.

On the side were some oven  baked red potato fries, onion rings, and a cranberry almond coleslaw.

I obviously took this picture after I took my first bite!  I couldn't help it.  It was perfection!

We invited Kev's parents over for the meal - and in order for them not to think I am weird ( or weirder than they already think), I took my plate in another room for the picture.

Which I'm sure didn't raise any suspicion at all.  haha.

I also made Kev's favorite chocolate pound cake - per request - and served it with cookie dough ice cream.

Kev's mom, Mary, brought over his baby book!  This was my first time seeing it after knowing Kev for twenty years!

It was awesome!

I love learning knew things about my husband. 


And now back to present day, I still haven't finished decorating.  BUT the majority of my gifts are purchased, menus are made,  and the decorations are out of the attic!

Progress is good! 

Even though Kev just reminded me that I have less than two weeks before the big event!

Which he discovered as he was frantically trying to get caught up on his Lego advent calendar!

Didn't I write something last year about savoring the holidays?? Being more organized??  Not waiting until the last minute??

Oh well, there is always next year.

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