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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Birthday Dinner

Now before we get in to the Birthday Boy's dinner party - I feel like I need to give you an apology for LACK of pictures. I have been wanting a nice camera for SO long now. And when I received the camera my eyes glazed over with delight on the amazing food photos I would get before, during, and after the party.

I mean - I actually envisioned so many awesome shots. Pictures that would make you hungry.

But then I got in the moment. And didn't take pics while I was preparing the food because I was afraid I would get the camera dirty. And then didn't take pics while serving the food because - well, I was busy serving food. And then I realized it all when it was too late. Kev offered to take pictures of the leftovers - but it just wouldn't be the same. So, unfortunately, you will just have to imagine.

But just know that I was very happy with the results.

The birthday dinner started with the appetizers. This was my first time making Brie en Croute ( wrapped in a pastry) And actually this was my first time making ANY of the menu items. I did not do a test run.

I just made a wish on a random eyelash ( which may or may not have been mine). And hoped for the best.

So, the Brie turned out just fine. Even though the picture makes it look like a piece of leather.

I put cranberries and almonds inside of the pastry - along with the cheese. It was melty and yummy and has already been requested for our Christmas Eve party.

And then we moved on to the breads. I purchased some fresh bread from... The Fresh Market. I got three loaves - sourdough, nine grain, and rosemary sea salt. And then made the flavored butters to go with them.

Obviously, I forgot to get the bread in the picture.

( Isn't that platter/serving dish perfect for bread and butter?)
And then the rest of the dinner was undocumented. And eaten quickly. It was a meal full of butter, cheese, bread, meat and wine. Just the way I imagine I would eat if I lived in France. So, thank goodness I don't live in France because I don't think my heart or my health could take such rich food every day. Even though I loved every bite of it.

The guest of honor with his family....

Jenn's ( Kev's sister) girlfriend, Rebecca was also in attendance. However, the picture did not turn out at all. But I just love this one because it is of the "Original" Snyders. Perfect.

I originally wanted this to be a "dressy" event. But then after re-evaluating Kev's wardrobe. And reminding myself that this was HIS party. I decided to compromise. It was the best I could do to get him to change his shirt when he got home from work. Kev's parents however, showed up dressed to the nines - which delighted me to no end. They said that it wasn't every day that they were invited to a dinner party - and whether that is true or not - it made me so happy that they played along with my vision for this "elegant" birthday dinner.
As for me... I united the group by dressing dressy/casual. Jeans with a sequined top and heels.

There were lots of laughs. Lots of great story telling. Lots of celebrating. Lots of love for Kev.
And we all hope that he had as great a time as we did! Because we love him SO much!
Happy Birthday Special K!
Up Next: Dessert

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