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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Flower and Garden Festival

So, we climbed in to our horse drawn carriage... the one that my Dad so gracefully climbed in to (on a previous post).... and rode off in to the sunset.

Except for the carriage had no horses. And I wanted to watch my Dad climb back down. ( He is SUCH a good sport by the way... will do any thing we want for a picture. Just like Kev. It must be something about us Switzer girls)

And just as a side note to the story... for all of you that are wondering where my Dad was during our spa treatment.... he was picking up Becky from the airport. Bethany's best friend from college. She was so sweet to fly in for the birthday celebration. So, Dad lolligagged around town until she arrived and then they met up with us.

And we headed to Epcot.

To the Flower and Garden Festival. My favorite! This year was a wilderness and camping theme.....

Bethany took me to it last year for the first time. And I fell in love. It is so creative and so beautiful. And so amazing.

And makes us want to pose like every single flower/bush figure for a picture.

Yes, that's me. Posing like a giraffe? With my cheeks (on my face) blown out like a chimp. And I guess that my fingers are making ears... and not martian radio transmitters. I can barely tell the flower giraffe apart from me. We are almost identical.

And then there is this one....

From The Lion King. My Dad is Rafiki holding Bethany ( Simba) up to introduce her to the world.
I have hundreds ( well, maybe not that much) of pictures of us "posing" like the bushes. We stopped at almost every single one. And my "morning mirror chant" worked. I played along with every picture. In public. And pretended that every person staring at me was naked.
Eww. That would have been gross.
We paused during our flower tour to meet Mickey and friends...
And I faced my fears and rode on a Segway....

You can't tell by the picture - but I am shaking SO bad. I have the balance of a manatee and I just knew I would flip over the top. Also, my mouth is open because I am singing the Hallelujah Chorus because my session is complete.
I had texted Kev right before I got on and said " Getting on a Segway... Goodbye forever"
It was fun. But not something I want to have to ride around on in the future. I would rather walk. Or ride a Big Wheel.
Then we went to the land of Fairies....
There were a million precious things to take pictures of in this area. And I did. But for the sake of making this post semi-short... I am just showing you this one. Because I loved it. And I want Kev to recreate this in our back yard. It was so peaceful.
Here is a recreation of the American Gothic painting...

And my Dad finding a recreation of himself....

Leather vest and all.

We saw an amazing performance by Chubby Checker. The real Chubby Checker. All 70 years of himself. Performing in all denim in the humid Orlando heat. I was impressed. And loved every second of it.

A Moroccan belly dancer...

Oh.. and then there is me again. Posing with Beast. Actually I'm holding his hand. And it looks so real...

In the United Kingdom for a performance from the Beatles...

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we were having. There was no rush to ride rides. No rush to get to places at a certain time. It was just a laid back day - where we could thoroughly enjoy every thing that Epcot has to offer.
I highly recommend it.

Look how happy we are!! GIRL'S WEEKEND ROCKS!
Up Next... Dinner in France. Oooh La la!

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  1. ummm.......I read the post about the spa day to Josh while we were driving down the road. I think he ran OFF the road when the part about the burrito legs came up. You have talent like no other. To make me freaking laugh hysterically