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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Birthday Surprise!

This is a glimpse in to Bethany's birthday party. The night before. Tiara. PINK cake. Princess decorations.

It is every LITTLE girl's dream.

Even if you are turning twenty -somethin'.

You see, my Mom planned every single detail. Down to the second. And made sure that every thing was going to be TOO MUCH FUN.

And she was very successful.

I was just along for the ride. And as for my Dad... I'm not sure if he even knew where we were half the time. He lives in a world of giggles. And is always up for anything. He is a perfect companion.

So, after a good night's sleep.... we headed to a SURPRISE birthday breakfast. A surprise that I managed to keep for MONTHS. That is huge for me. HUGE. I was so proud of myself. And then my parents managed to spill the beans on the surprise in a matter of seconds before we went to bed.

I guess it was still a surprise in the end. As Bethany had wondered for months on where we were going.

We arrived at the Grand Floridian Hotel. Exquisite and classy and a little out of my league. But pretending is part of the Disney imagination. So I crossed my legs. Sat up straight. And put a napkin in my lap.

I know manners. I just don't like to use them.

Here is a pic of us in the hotel lobby. Waiting for the OFFICIAL announcement of our breakfast location.....

We were eating breakfast with Mary Poppins and Alice. At 1900 Park Fare.

Bethany had been wanting to dine there for quite a while. It is so girly and special and amazing. And the perfect place for a princess to eat her breakfast.
( And I have NO CLUE on why Bethany posed like that for the picture. It is the over-the-shoulder birthday surprise pose?? )
I was SO thrilled to be eating there. #1 Because I love food. #2 Because I LOVE breakfast food. #3 Because I had always wanted to eat there #4 Because I love trying new things.
I had also spent 30 minutes talking to myself in front of the mirror. It was important for me to do this as it set the tone for the day.
" I will not worry about my reputation"
" I will act silly and crazy and fun in front of strangers"
" I will have my picture taken with characters even if it makes me feel a little creeped out"
" I will watch my caffeine intake so to not become a monster half way through the day"
It worked, folks. I'm here as living proof.
This is how excited we were to be eating at 1900 Park Fare.....

This is not my plate of food.....

Except for that it really was.
This place was a buffet. But not just any ordinary buffet. An upscale... create your own omelet and it will be hand made by a chef... and LOBSTER for breakfast... and fresh salmon... buffet. It was incredible. And delicious.
And we all chose to eat off of the children's plates. Because they were in the shape of Mickey's head.
But then I was introduced to these delights.....
And I will never love another waffle as much as I loved these. I would actually probably choose these waffles over cheese. If I was given the choice. Which I probably never will be. So, I don't have to worry about it.
I probably ate seventy billion of these waffles. And then made out with a couple because my belly was too full.
Bethany decided to not follow Kev's rules of what is acceptable for a healthy meal. And she put chocolate chips on her yogurt.

She is wild. And crazy. And can do whatever she wants because it is her birthday.
And then we shared a bowl of strawberry soup (not pictured) and it was heaven in a spoon. And I want it served to me in place of chicken noodle soup the next time I am sick.
My Dad couldn't handle the fact that we were posing with our food. And taking random shots of each other. So, he decided to take charge of the situation. And he basically sat like this for FIVE minutes waiting for one of us to realize that he wanted some attention.
I am used to this kind of behavior. ( Remember straw sticking out of his ear at the rehearsal dinner?) And I just kept averting my eyes as to not embarrass him. It is hard to tell some times if he does things like this on purpose. Or if he is crazy.
Either way... he is awesome.
Finally, Bethany realized that Dad wanted a picture of himself with a SAUSAGE sticking out of his mouth.
If you have never visited CRAZY TOWN... then you probably don't want to go out with us in public. This is your fair and final warning.
And then our friends started to arrive.....
All wishing Bethany a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....

And then Alice got ahold of my Dad. Because she thought he was Santa Claus. She practically sat in his lap and requested a list of things that she needed this year. Including cuddling.

Yep. It pretty much made his day. Even though he could only communicate with a VERY loud laugh. And red face.
The birthday girl got her cupcake....

And then I HAD to get my picture with Tigger. Because we matched and all....

I can barely pose with a character. Bethany, on the other hand, will kiss them....

She is kind of a "character floozy" so to speak. I've never seen some one love characters more than she does.
After our amazing breakfast... we went outside to find this....

I will leave this pic to your imagination. Just know that my Dad is a handful and we can't take him any where without something embarrassing happening.
Or maybe I should say that about us....

As we attempted to pose "sexy" on this old car. What were we thinking? It looks painful. Unflattering. And the least sexy thing I have ever seen. I don't even want to get in to the fact that I'm sure I thought I looked hot. Or that people were standing around watching us. Or the time it took for us to get in to this pose.
Let's just say I won't quit my day job.
Up Next... THE SPA.

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