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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to our BLOG!

The day is finally here... the Snyder family has a blog! I (we) have been wanting to do this for a while now and made it my (our) New Year's resolution. So it's February... in retail that means it is the first month of the year which means that I am right on track with my resolution. I'm sure that you are wondering why we wanted to start a blog.... Why would we want the world to know our business? We seem to be pretty boring people and how could a couple with no kids and no pets have much to share? Well I am here to tell you that we have plenty of reasons... and for plenty I mean tons!

Here are a couple of reasons as I don't have time right now to list tons....

#1 We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs of our friends! I know more about the lives of my friends from reading about them than when I actually visit them/work with them. It makes me feel connected to the people that I care about.

#2 My family is spread out all over the place and I know this will be a great way to keep up with each other.. ( I hope more of you jump on the blog bandwagon) "Blog Bandwagon" sounds like something I would see being pushed down the road in my hometown of Gaston.

#3 Most of you that will be reading this have never met Kev or even seen him in person! I feel like I have to do this to prove that he is not a mystery, my imagination, or a superhero. He is real and I will be posting pictures to prove it!

#4 Just because it is just the two of us doesn't mean that we are boring.... Every day is an excellent, exciting adventure ( hence the title - also a shout out to 80's movie Bill and Ted's excellent adventure). In fact... it is not just the two of us... you will be privileged enough to read all about our families ( whether they want you to or not) . That is a ton of people!

Hopefully that is enough reasons for now to capture your attention. I am not promising that there will always be good grammar, no run-on sentences, or proper spelling - but that is why I am NOT an English teacher and why I am thrilled that these posts will not be graded.

Not only will you receive updates on our daily lives... but you will also have the opportunity to hear stories from our past and future ( the stories from our future might be made up), renovation updates/tips, and recipes. That sounds like a show straight off of TLC, Bravo, or the Food Network - which, by the way, are OUR favorite channels. Right Kev?

Thanks in advance for reading.... We hope you enjoy!

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