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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January 2009 RECAP

Ok - So I realize that I tried to get you all to believe that February is the real start to the year... but for those of you not in retail I figured I owed you a recap of January. That way you won't be sitting around all day wondering what we have been doing for a month.

The most important celebration for us is in January - no, it is not the month I got braces or corrective walking shoes- it is our wedding anniversary! We were married on January 6, 1995! It was not our intentions to necessarily get married so early in a year and so soon after the holidays... but it has turned out to be wonderful. There is something about starting a new year and beginning a new year of marriage - it just seems right. Anyway, for you math whizzes out there - that means we have been married 14 years! We've been together since December 1991 - but that is a whole other story for a whole other day. I was so glad to get rid of year #13. Not because it was a bad year by any means... but come on, the #13 is a nightmare. 13 represents unluckiness, that awkward age that starts your teens where you sometimes have a strange smell, and the embarrassing collection of dvds that Kev has - Friday the 13th! He told you in his profile that he loves any movie with sequels whether it involve roaches, aliens, pirates, or saws. Anyway, we celebrated this great day by getting take out from Bonefish Grill ( our fav - Bang Bang Shrimp) and Publix wedding cake. We DO NOT go out unless forced! There are so many reasons why take out is so much better than going to a restaurant....For the sake of time, I will only list a few....
1. You can eat in your pajamas, no shoes, even no underwear if you choose
2. You can be obnoxious at the table - laugh out loud, burp, spill things ( I realize that some people do these things when at a restaurant but it is completely embarrassing!)
3. You don't have to wait for your food, leave a tip, or wait for your bill.
4. You don't have to sit up straight - which I don't do anyway but some people think it's proper.

I'm sure you get the point..... long story short - it was a wonderful anniversary! My parents even had a anniversary party for us which was very sweet and generous. Mom and Dad made some super yummy recipes that they got when they went to Jamaica. It was wonderful to see everyone and we appreciate the love. I smell a trip for anniversary #15!

The other really cool thing that happened to us is that Kev surprised us ( well, I guess he didn't really surprise himself) with Blackberries - not the kind that feel like you are biting in to a roach when you put them in your mouth ... but the phone kind. That might not seem cool to all you hi-tech folks out there.. but we have been talking to each other through tin cans and a string for the past 5 years. Don't even think about asking if we could text. I have been wishing, dreaming, and dropping hints for about a year that I HAD to have a texting phone or I would not survive 2009.

Now Kev is the most thoughtful person you will ever meet. He takes incredible care of me and gives me constant attention ( I can only imagine how exhausting that can be). He always makes me feel so special - like a princess ( which every girl is, by the way). I could even go as far to say that He spoils me- ALOT! Sometimes I deserve it but mostly I do not. I am mischievious, sometimes moody, and usually involved in shenanigans. I can tell him that I want something and he will NEVER forget. It may take a year, a month, a day, 5 years... but he will get me what I asked for. I have learned to be very patient and also leave reminder notes in his car, on his mirror, and carved in to trees. I am working on hinting a couple of things that I want/need right now...
#1. an outdoor inflatable movie screen
#2. a quesadilla maker
#3. a dining room table
#4. a lemon tree
#5. a Wii fit
I'll keep you updated on the status.

Anyway, He surprised me with the phone of my dreams. He actually got it for me for Christmas - but it took me until January to figure out how to use it. Technology is way over my head.... if I could text someone by sending a carrier pigeon with a note tied to his foot - I would. I'm doing really well with it though. These are the things I can do with my phone...
#1. TEXT - especially to Melissa during conference calls at work... it is fun to make fun of what is being said
#2. keep a running grocery list
#4. Email
#5. Google
Having everything rolled in to one saves me a lot of time and I can keep in touch with people all day. There are some rules, though.... everything comes with rules. They are...
#1. No texting while driving
#2. No phones on the pool deck
#3. No throwing the phone across the yard when you get mad at a contractor
#4. No taking it with you in the shower
So far I have been very well behaved. I try not to make promises, though.... because sooner or later one of the above might happen.

So to summarize.... 2009 is off to a pretty good start in our little world and you haven't missed too much. Unfortunately or fortunately I have a LOT to say. I tend to go off on other topics and ramble- I get it from my Mom's side of the family. Going forward I will be posting as things happen so hopefully you won't have so much to read at once.

Happy February....


  1. Kim (and Kevin) I love your blog. You had me laughing during your entire post. I am so excited to read all that you share with the world. Welcome to blog world.

  2. FANTASTIC entry, Kimmy :) You're a natural blog author!!!!! So proud of you and your texting skills! I forgot to tell you on Friday that Josh found me a Wii Fit. It is fantasticly will love it, for sure! (Except that it blew my Mii up when it actually weighed me...I had it on the skinniest setting...)