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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Latest Project - The Closet!

Those of you who have known us for the past couple of years.... are familiar with our decision to purchase a home in need of a COUPLE repairs... by COUPLE I mean MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE! You have been there through our ups and downs, contractor after contractor, Little Debbie snack binges, back yard tantrums, and finally ... our progress. It has been our biggest adventure so far... and one that I am extremely grateful for! Really - It was absolutely worth it and I have NO regrets ... by NO I mean I would have handled a couple of things differently but ultimately it's all good! For those of you who are contemplating a renovation I've got some words of advice..... DON'T DO IT!... unless you have Kev by your side. I'm telling you - he is the most supportive, level headed, patient, forgiving and hard working man you will ever meet. I am the complete opposite of everything I just said.... well except for hard working (mostly). He literally kept me out of prison - a place I would be calling home right now had I had my way with some of those contractors. Ok-because of my New Year's resolution to "let things go".. I am going to move on from this subject before I have to take a valium. Oh the stories I could tell about this process... and don't worry, I will... eventually. On with the closet....

Our closet was once a bedroom.... a bright yellow bedroom with shag carpet, bean bags, and hippies. (Don't worry... we did not kick the hippies out in to the streets... we just asked them to move in to my parents 1950's pop up camper - Please don't tell them.) Well, we did not need that extra bedroom... as you know it is just the two of us... so Kev came up with an amazing plan to transform the master bedroom in to a suite. The picture below is what the extra bedroom looked like if you were looking through a large hole in the wall from the master bedroom.

We re-designed the master bedroom to make the bathroom larger, the bedroom a little smaller, and a dream closet that we could BOTH use at the same time. Ok... so, why would we make the bedroom a little smaller... because clothes and bathroom activities are way more important than sleeping! Now let me just tell you that we have never shared a closet ( well, if you consider our first apartment/loft a closet - then so be it... well, actually it was the size of one. We had to take turns living inside of it because the two of us could not fit at the same time!). There are reasons that our closets were better off being separated....

1. we have different smells... should our smells really intermingle?

2. Kev has no idea how many clothes that I have.... I always had everything spread out among several closets. As far as he knew I only owned a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, and a dickie. I told him that LOFT was a grocery, he always assumed I was bringing home food.

3. I am MESSY... and he is VERY neat! I can't help it... I just can't!

Now, I grew up sharing closets with my sisters and my Barbies. We had a large walk in closet that not only held three girls clothes.... but had the largest Barbie city you had ever seen. I think that is how my parents would keep us out of their hair..... we would be lured in by Barbie and then SLAM!... the door would shut behind us. We would play Barbie all weekend until the door was opened for us to go to school. We never had to worry about food... Barbie had a McDonalds that made plenty of burgers and fries. Seriously, though, we could play for hours in there - sometimes even very late at night which would result in my Dad yelling down the air conditioning vent for us to go to bed and be quiet. We would respond by playing extremely quiet for 30 minutes and then the whole process would start right back over again. I don't mind very well... and never have. Anyway, I figured if I could share a closet with 20 other girls ( that count includes barbies- and they have a TON of stuff) then sharing one with Kev shouldn't be too bad... except for Kev is the one who received the short stick in having to share a closet with me.

So, up until now... we have had a closet full of boxes and roll bars ( that is a bar on wheels that holds clothes.. for those of you not in clothing retail). Now I wasn't complaining... at least I don't think I was... maybe I mumbled a couple of things in my sleep. It was hard for me to stop buying more clothes when I couldn't actually see what I already had. That excuse sounded good anyway. So, Kev began researching different plans so we could maximize our space and stop my shopping. And then it all just came together... we were fortunate enough to receive two shelving units... add a couple of brackets, bars, and shelves and you have a closet! We still have more work to do... like buying some dressers but for the most part it is organized and done.

Here are some pictures of my side....

Now that you have had the time to look at the pics... I will answer your questions as best that I can....
1. Yes, the Wonder Woman cape is for fighting crime and NOT for fashion. Please do not disclose this info to the media. It is hard enough living a double life when it is a secret.
2. Yes, clothes are organized by like items, colors, and sleeve length. They are also hung per the old school LOFT hanging standards.
3. No, this is not all of my clothes. Unfortunately due to my hobby of losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight and gaining weight... I have a clothing collection ranging in sizes from 2-14. I used to consistently give clothes away... but then when I would need that particular size again... I would have to buy more. Keeping everything solves that problem.
4. Yes, my famous jean jacket collection is being housed in another closet... as well as dresses, and summer tops.
5. Yes, if you see anything that you like.. you are welcome to make a bid on it and I will consider your offer.
6. Yes, I have always LOVED clothes and fashion... but working in retail for so long has caused this to happen... and by "this" I mean out of control, unnecessary clothing acquisition.
It is still a work in progress....but was great to get everything out and organized again. Now if I can just keep it neat...
Until next time....

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  1. I remember your barbie closet.
    I love your big closet...actually I'm a little gealous. I've always wanted a big closet, and it doesn't look like I'll get one in my life time. Oh well. Oh, and your house is beautiful. I still tell people about it all the time.