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Friday, February 6, 2009

Please Welcome Our New Additions to the Family!

So for 14 years it has just been the two of us on this excellent adventure of life... I'm a handful as I'm sure you can imagine. Don't get me wrong - we LOVE animals and we LOVE children but Kev has a strict policy that involves no chewing on things, no going to the bathroom on the floor, and no shedding of hair. I know what you all are thinking.. and you are right! How in the world does he let me live in the house when I do all of the things his policy won't allow. I guess it is just love... what can I say. Clearly, though, he can only manage it from me.

Living "in the country" we have had the pleasure to experience a wonderful array of woodland creatures. These sweet animals include feral cats ( feral means wild - I learned that last week), a fox, gray mishapen no feathered turkeys, an evil rooster, multiple birds, and our favorite - the squirrels. Of course we have named them all. The cats (Patches, Snowball, Midnight and Black/White)drink the water from the pool ( is that safe?) and sleep on the back deck. The turkeys ( The Turkey Lurks) walk through our yard every day around 6pm gobbling like the ladies on The View. They seem to always be searching for something... and I hope it is their feathers or spray tan or a coat to cover their scary bodies. I'm telling you - they are a sight to see. It is not safe to look directly at them!! They tried to sneak up on Kev once when he was working in the yard. When he turned around they started SCREAMING and ran for their lives. When/If you ever meet him - you will have to ask him to reinact the experience. It is quite hilarious! The fox runs through from time to time... I have never seen a fox running free before. We named him Todd ( Disney fans will understand that one). I always hope that he finds and "takes care of" the Rooster ( whose name I cannot say because it is inappropriate) that has NO business waking up so early! There are too many birds to name... except for one - Catbird. She sits on the edge of our house and actually MEOWS. It is the coolest thing and I'm sure you won't believe it until you hear her in person. And then there are the squirrels.... you assume they are sweet and innocent but are actually VERY mischievious. They have been known to throw nuts and pinecones at our heads!! I am not joking! If we ( Kev) are working in the yard and go near one of their trees... they attack. Until I see blood or injury... I will think it is cute and funny. My parents keep their 1950's pop up camper in our backyard... the stories I could tell on that... but it will have to be another time. Anyway, the squirrels filled the camper with acorns without us knowing. Last summer my parents went camping.... and I'm sure you can imagine their surprise to pop-up the camper and have it full of acorns! They were everywhere! We had some pretty pissed off squirrels this winter. Can you imagine if your entire pantry of food was stolen by some evil humans that wanted to sleep in your kitchen? Well, I can... it has happened to me before as well. Well enough about that.... on to the point of my post....

For Christmas I received three poinsettas.... Percy, Little Joe, and Gus.
The above pic is Percy, Little Joe, and Gus laying down. I am still learning my way around a computer... and can't seem to figure out how to delete this one.

We were thrilled to receive these poinsettas #1 because we love plants and #2 Kev wanted to learn how to take care of them so we could keep them for as long as possible. I didn't really give it much thought at first because we have never been able to keep plants alive.... but after a couple of weeks, I was a believer! The little ones look like they did when we received them. Percy has had a couple rough days but is a survivor. Due to their success we decided to try a couple more. Kev took me to Lowe's to pick some out. Now I have been wanting a puppy for a while now. I am finally feeling the need to take care of something else in addition to Kev. My thoughts are if I can show I am responsible and if the plants thrive then I can possibly have a couple of pups. In case you are wondering.... I want TWO black labs. You have to have two so they can be friends while we are at work. I want girls... and I will name them Lucy and Emma. They are going to wear black and white gingham bows ( to match my house) for most of the year and red bows at Christmas. They will have red puppy beds with their monogram on the front and will sleep next to our bed. We are going to get a family pic taken on our front porch for our Christmas cards. Now, Kev wants the dogs to live outside ( you know... IF we ever get them).. but I have solved that problem too. I am going to get them those silly disguises - the ones where the big nose, eyebrows, and mustache are attached to glasses. They can wear them in the house and Kev will just think we always have guests over. I know they will love it here!
See, I've got everything worked out just in case Kev surprises me with puppies. I guess I haven't really put that much thought in to it. :-)

Anyway, we are FINALLY to the point of the post where we picked out the sweetest, most well-behaved plants in the world. The next two are Cornelius ( on the left - he is a corn plant) and Snowflake ( on the right - a Tropic Snow plant). Red Dawn ( the next pic) was named after the famous 80's movie Red Dawn. If you are not familiar with that movie then you are too young to be my friend.

I get so much enjoyment out of coming home to these beautiful plants. There is something about them that make me smile. I know you already think I am crazy... so I'll just go ahead and tell you. I talk to them, pet them, and talk about them to Kev. Kev takes such good care of them and even takes them outside on pretty days to get some fresh air. I'm sure you have picked up on the fact that KEV takes care of them and such. I just talk to them and pet them.... which is what I would do if we had puppies.... which is probably why Kev wants to hold off for now because he will end up doing all the work. My parents will tell you the same thing about me... I have this thing about cleaning up poop. Not that plants poop... but you get the idea.

Long story short.... please welcome Cornelius, Snowflake, Red Dawn, Percy, Little Joe, and Gus to our family. I'll be sure to keep you updated on them.

We hope you all have a good weekend.....

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