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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lots O' Birthdays

I've mentioned before that I have several family members whose birthdays are celebrated on September 11th.

And I have several more if you include my sisters extended families.

It gets pretty crazy around here.

Unfortunately, it took us until October 9th to actually get together to celebrate.  So, we decided to throw Randy in to the birthday mix.  ( His birthday is October 25th.)

The party was held at the ranch.  The Chapin, SC ranch.

Plenty of room to get crazy, celebrate, and enjoy each other's company.

Look how big Abigail has gotten....

She is such a cutie!! And a sweet heart!  I loved getting to see her again... it has been THREE months.  And yes, I realize that I live in the same state as they do... it is not as easy at it seems to get together. 

Bethany and Teddy were able to make it as well.  They just happened to be in town for the USC vs. KY football game.

There was a lot of catching up to do...
The guys... talking about whatever guys talk about......
I'm sure it is nonsense!

Ashlynn got a new (to her) car!!  All with her own money!  GIRLS RULE!!!
And boys drool...  even if they have a car as well...
Bethany decided to dress up for us.  Can you guess what she is supposed to be?
Some times Mother's don't appreciate when their little sisters put on their baby girl's Halloween costume.

I hope that sentence made sense to you.

Basically, Bethany decided to be obnoxious and put on an infants' costume.

Rude looks and comments ensued.

Which is pretty normal when my family gets together. 

We mainly did this at the party:  ATE GOOD FOOD.

Randy grilled meat.   And there were a lot of sides involved.  I brought THIS.
It was a little bit time consuming.  But worth it in the end. 

Twice baked potato casserole.  How can you go wrong with that?

Gaby is also the creator of my FAVORITE potato side of all time : Parmesan Potatoes.

She sure knows how to make potatoes.  Thank goodness.

Gifts were opened.  Laughter was had by all.  It was a great family experience!

Especially when the birthday boy ( at least one of them) received his favorite gift...

R2D2 Mickey Ears.  Yes, please.

Why weren't these around when I was growing up?

It wouldn't of mattered, though.  I was too in love with Princess Leia and was all consumed with creating the perfect hair buns on my ears.

Lots of shaving and glue was involved.

My hands were stuck to my ears for a week.

In other news.... My sister, Holly, has started a blog.  Or should I say... her son has.  :)  I am DELIGHTED to introduce you to Tot Thoughts.  My precious nephew is documenting his time in Alaska for his Dad... who just happens to be deployed to Somalia.

It makes my heart so happy.

I can't wait to meet that sweet boy!

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