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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Food & Wine Festival

Ok.  So this isn't the race recap. 

But it is important that I blog about the amazing weekend's events in the order that they occurred.

Otherwise, it can get very confusing.

For me.

We headed to the Food and Wine festival after we (Bethany) got cleaned up after her race that morning. 

The festival has become my most favorite event that Disney has to offer.

Food + Wine = Perfection.

Except for that I had a race to run that evening... which meant I had to become more of a spectator than a participant.

But even with just being a spectator... I still had a blast.

It probably had something to do with the company that I chose to hang out with.  :)

 We took our usual group shots at the entrance of Epcot...
 My shirt says " Will run for food... and drinks".  It was one of the 1/2 marathon shirts they were selling at the expo.

I thought it described me perfectly.

My parents were still in transit when we arrived at Epcot.  (They had chosen to go in to Magic Kingdom right after the 5K due to the fact that it was the 40th anniversary of the park opening.... 40 years is crazy.  I will be 40 soon!  The park must feel super old. )

While we were waiting for them, we opted for a snack in Mexico.

Guacamole (our favorite!) and chips with the most incredible margarita in the world!
 I'm not even joking!  No margarita that I have had has  EVER topped the Epcot margaritas.  And they have amazing flavors, too.  Kev, however, likes to stick to the original, that is what he got.
 Bethany... just being excited for the day!! She did just finish a 5K, after all!
 Another photo op...
 And then the 'rents arrived.

We had been studying the map for the past, we knew exactly where and what we wanted to try.

We started with Hawaii - pork sliders and mai tais.

Then Ireland - Fisherman's pie.

Then Greece - Souvlaki.

Then I remembered that I had a camera around my neck.  And that we wanted to document our eating throughout the day.

We headed to France.  Mom got the chicken with a mushroom sauce...

 Dad got the escargot...
 He actually really loved it!  But since we all like to act dramatic in pictures.. he insisted on making a disgusting face.

It's called ACTING!

And for the record.. I don't know how I could ever attend the festival without this crew.  They are the perfect subjects for crazy food picture taking.

Next... Mom got the most delish funnel cake that I've ever had...

I'm not really a fan of funnel cake... just because I would rather have so many other things as a "treat" but this stuff was fantastic.

And we actually had an audience while I was taking the pictures. 

Whether they thought we were funny or cool or crazy... I'll never know.  But they sure had a good time laughing right along with us.

We tend to be a fun group to watch... if you are people watchers, that is.

China's black pepper shrimp...

 It was my one regret from last year.  That I didn't try it.  We ran out of room in our bellies.  But this year, we made sure we saved room for it.

Even my Dad ...
 Then we returned to Mexico.  For crispy shrimp tacos and beef tenderloin tacos.
 They were out of this world!

Keep in mind that I am only trying one bite of each... so, it may seem like a lot of food.. but Kev was actually the only one getting full. 

Australia had shrimp on the barbie... with berry and pepper sauce..
 And then we could not go on another second.  Because every one was so full. 

 It may look like small portions.. but it will fill you up fast!

At this point I was anxious to get back and get ready for the race.  I needed a nap and to rest my feet.

Our last stop was in Germany... to get my post-race treat.  A vanilla/caramel cupcake.

And then we said goodbye to Epcot for the afternoon....

Up next:  THE RACE!!

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