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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pre-Wedding Cookout

The cookout was in honor of TWO of my favorite people.....

And was held the Thursday before the wedding.

We wanted to offer a place for all of Dave's and Laura's friends and family to get together. To hang out. To eat tons of food. To reminisce.

And we did just that.

Even the threat of rain ( the only day it rained all week) couldn't stop us from having fun. It held off long enough for us to eat... and then it miraculously washed all the pollen away.

I assumed that the cookout was a "nice" occasion. We were welcoming people in to our home after all and should look respectable.

I realized I was wrong about that when Kev showed up in his "party/vacation Kev" attire...

There is nothing like swim trunks and an IceHouse t-shirt (found in the attic after we moved in) that screams " we are respectable, well mannered, upstanding members of society and we cordially welcome you in to our home".

(Of course, the old tire and beer can in the front yard did match the theme of his clothing.)

He makes up for his fashion sense with his sense of humor and mad grilling skillz.

( Yes, I realize I spelled skillz with a "z". It means he can grill like a hip-hop rapper)

Me with the Mother of the Groom....

She brought her "Famous Baked Beans" and my Pops brought his "Famous Potato Salad"

"Mama says we all got somethin' to be famous for" (said in a Forrest Gump voice)

I guess I would say that I am now famous for Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. #1 Because they are one of my favorite things to eat. #2 Because I now make them for everything.

Birthday parties, christenings, dainty ladies' lunches, breakfast, get well soon gift baskets... any random occasion you can think of - I can give you a reason of why they are needed there. Every one can use a "kick" in their day.

Oh... and I tried bruschetta for the first time. I made Giada's recipe off the Food Network. I liked it. And it kept the vegetarians calm and occupied.

They are a rowdy bunch - you know.

Here is a pic of the spread.....

After it is halfway gone. We ended up with SO many leftovers - including about 25 burgers. Luckily we had guests and MYSELF to work on the food over the next couple of days.

We were thrilled that Kev's parents were able to make it. They were finally able to meet this "Laura person" that every one had been talking about. It also gave them a chance to plead their case on how much fun Bed and Breakfasts are. If you remember correctly.. last year I posted about how they were obsessed with B&Bs and would stay any where/ any time in one of these bizarre vacation spots.

Not that there is any thing wrong with them.... they are just not our thing. I envision Psycho. The movie. ( Even though I find it a little psychotic to want strangers to stay in your home for one night at a time). I would constantly be worried that I was being watched through a tiny hole in the wall.

( And now that I've creeped myself out so much that I had to turn around and look behind me - even though I'm sitting on a couch that is pushed up against the wall...... it is time to move on)

However, the reason I brought up the subject in the first place was because I happened to snap this picture of Kev with his parents. And if you look closely - Kev is counting out the reasons that he would never stay in a B&B. And once he gets his counters out. You better beware because HE MEANS BUSINESS.

Nice shoes Kev! They bring the whole outfit together.

We hung around for HOURS and just enjoyed each other's company...

That is Kelly in the green shirt - fist pumping (?) Dave. He came all the way from San Diego and is one of Dave's Marine buddies. He is officially my buddy - because I have NEVER met a person that can meet a family such as ours and fit right in. He didn't miss a beat and made us feel like we knew him forever.

And told great stories of "Old Man Switzer"

Holly and Kris drove in from D.C. and Bethany came in from Orlando. It was the day that people started arriving. And the day that the family festivities began.

Shannon and Randy......

Randy - I'm still waiting for my fish fry!

My Mom and Dad......

And the guys.....

Most of these guys worked with me at Zany Brainy. I feel like I've known them FOREVER. And I can't tell you how much fun it was to see them all again. All together in one place.

It absolutely blows me away the amount of incredible friends that Dave and Laura have. They have so much support and love and happiness surrounding them - and it was wonderful being able to be a part of it. If only for a week.

I didn't even get any pics of the girls. But no worries - I have plenty from the wedding. Remember that I was photograph challenged and am having to depend on others for pictures.

My Aunt Sandi, cousin Ross, and 2nd cousins Jackson and Elizabeth arrived around 10pm. They are from Nashville but had spent the day at Six Flags in Atlanta. I can only imagine how exhausted they were - but they hung out with us for a little while.

The cookout wrapped up around midnight. We were going to have a big weekend ahead......

Up Next... The Bridal Luncheon

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