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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unfortunately, I Slept Through Football 101

That has to be the reason that I know NOTHING about football. Right?

I mean... Kev claims that all kids go through a football training class. At least.. that is what I asked him and he responded with a "yes".

So, technically, he made not have even heard me at all.

I specifically love to ask him questions during his watching of SciFi and Top Gear. That is when I get him to agree to the things that I want.

Like hiring a professional photographer to take "romantic" pictures of us in our front yard.

Haha!! That just makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it.

Anyway, my point is that I have absolutely NO understanding of football. And I am way too old to be taught. So, basically, I stare at the corner of the tv and daydream. And try to remember to clap or cheer at all the right times.

(I'm a basketball girl - through and through. Now that is some exciting stuff to watch! Especially back in the day when Michael Jordan used to play. He made the game amazing!)

I get the excitement of tailgating. But only if it is not raining or cold. And I know that sitting in the stadium can be a lot of fun. But don't expect to ever be able to have an intelligent conversation with me about what play was just made. Or which team has got the ball. Or what all those numbers on the field mean.

But I do LOVE me some Friday Night Lights! It is one of my favorite shows of all times.

Does that count for something?

So, anyway. The Super Bowl was last Sunday. And lucky for Kev... I NEVER miss a chance to celebrate. Even if I don't have a clue as to which teams are playing. Or WHO is the half time show.

(Haha... that was a lame joke.)

So, I followed Paula Deen's lead. And made us some Brisket Grilled Cheese sandwiches.

Um... YUM! I made them on fresh Sourdough bread with provolone cheese and horseradish mayo.
But it didn't stop there. Because Pioneer Woman says to never let your left over brisket go to waste.
So, I made Brisket Nachos.
Wow! These were divine! And I even used BAKED tostitos. Just to try and counteract all of the somewhat unhealthy stuff we were eating.
For the guacamole I added in an entire jalapeno pepper to ONE avocado. You know... just to make sure that little beads of sweat would pop out on the top of Kev's head.
( I'm sure that with my passion for hot sauce and hot peppers... my stomach lining is completely burned off. But it is just too good for me to give up!)

We had been eating so healthy for a couple of weeks.... so, this was a nice BUT FILLING treat.
And just in case you were wondering.... I did NOT make the brisket this time. I chose to keep it simple and picked some up from Hudson's BBQ. And it did not disappoint!
Not to mention ... that while I was waiting at the bar to pick up my brisket... I was flirted with. From a guy that was 60 plus and with a couple of other "older" guys. I will call that a simple pleasure. I haven't been flirted with since my boss at Little Caesar's asked me out on a date. So, who cares if the guy was old enough to be my Dad. Or the fact that WHO goes to a family BBQ restaurant in hopes of getting a date.
I have officially decided to stop by there every Friday night. In hopes of a repeat.
I will accept attention from whomever or wherever I can.

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