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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Did you know that it is the final season?


What are we ever going to do without it?

The endless hours spent researching, speculating, discussing. Ok- maybe it is just me doing all of that. But let me just tell you that Kev loves it as much as I do.

And it will all end this year. At least we will finally get some answers. And I will be able to sleep a little better at night because I won't be trying to figure everything out.

Or will I? Because Kev has predicted that it may end with all sorts of unanswered questions. Which may or may not leave me in a state of bewilderment.

A state that I visit often.

But for now.... I will savor every minute of the last season. I will watch it with full attention. I will hope for the best for all of my "friends" stranded on that island.

And Sawyer, if you are reading this.... and you are looking for a job.... you are welcome to move in with me and become my pool boy. Kev could use the help. Not only with cleaning the pool but having to re-enact your "coming up out of the ocean with no shirt on" "while calling me a funny nickname and making sarcastic comments".

It gets pretty cold in the winter. And chattering teeth throw the whole fantasy off.

Anyway..... On Tuesday, we celebrated the season premiere by having an "island party". Unfortunately, I will not post a picture of our attire as my coconuts do not fit the way they used to. And I try to keep this blog family friendly.

But I will share with you the food......

Pineapple and Pork Tacos. With guacamole - of course. I had posted this recipe a week ago with eager anticipation of making it. And it did not disappoint. It had a very interesting combination of flavors. Like cinnamon, sugar, cumin, and coriander. And it was all healthy. Flat Belly Diet healthy.

I'm sure they eat this meal ALL THE TIME. They being my "friends" stranded on the island.

Then we watched 3 HOURS of LOST. And I am officially in a state of confusion, wonderment (is that a word?), and excitement.

And am counting down the seconds until next week's episode.

PATIENCE = I have none.

Hopefully, for your sake, you are a fan of the show. Otherwise this post was probably a waste of your time.

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