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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Most Comfortable Seat In The House

We have been diligently working on our home for three years and a couple of months. And up to this point, we mainly have been living out of three rooms. Our bedroom, the Gamecock/Entertainment room, and the kitchen.

Oh... and the weight room. If you are asking Kev.

Now.. don't get me wrong. We definitely utilize the other rooms. But only when company is over or if we are playing hide and seek.

You are never too old to play hide and seek.

So, New Year's resolution # 136 is to get quality use out of ALL the rooms. And to get the most enjoyment possible out of this house that we have worked so hard to turn in to a home.

It is about reading a book on the window seat of the Charleston room. Or having lunch in the Sun Room while watching the birds. Or playing Twister in the Dining Room.

With or without clothes on. I do have curtains in there... you know.

But ultimately the Lodge room was my first love. The reason I had to have this house. The reason I cried, threw fits, screamed, and begged during the process of waiting to close on the house.

The reason I acted a fool. And ashamed myself for my behavior.

So, all the more reason to spend more time in it. To show it some love. Because it is the reason that my whole head is gray. And that Kev received one tiny, unable to be seen by the naked eye, wrinkle.

And so that is what I have been doing for the past two weeks. Finding my most comfortable position.

And I think I found it.....

It is in a chair in the corner of the room. Close to the fire place. Directly across from the window.

The window provides all the light that I need in the day time. To read. To blog. To write lists. To nap.

It is comforting. And relaxing. And peaceful.

And if you are patient enough.... you can look out the window and see the squirrels chasing each other on the branches. Or watch the birds fly by.

Or witness the turkeys performing a puppet show.

The wildlife out here is incredible. And entertaining.

And some times at night.... Your husband may or may not try to scare you by shining flashlights in to the window while you are watching tv. But then you just plug your ears, close your eyes, and rock back and forth in your chair while chanting " It is only Kev and not a monster" over and over. Until you hear a familiar laugh and know that Kev has gotten you again.

Kev's simple pleasures = scaring me. But by accident.. of course. (???)

And in case you have ever wondered where I got my extremely horrific posture from...... it is from carrying around all of these things wherever I go in the house......

Lap top. Cell phone. Home phone. My current favorite cookbooks. Notebooks. Pens. Magazines. Camera. and not pictured..... my glass of tea and/or bottled water. oh... and my favorite blanket.

I'm ridiculous.

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