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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Butter To My Bread

Or more like the "low calorie light olive oil spread" to my bread.

Because he is so fit and trim and healthy.

And the "he" I'm referring to is: Kev.

Because he just gets me. He knows me so well.

And once again surprised me with an incredible evening.

It all started with this......

I came home to a fireplace FULL of fire wood. I have been wanting to build a fire in my fire place since the day I was born. And yes, I said THE.DAY.I.WAS.BORN. Because that is how much I love fires - (in a warm, cozy, ambiance kind of way... and not a psychotic way)- and I have been patiently waiting for the day that all my dreams would come true.

You see... along with a multitude of things that needed to be upgraded and fixed ... the fire place was one of them. In addition to the fact that we had an entire aviary living in the chimney that made our house sound like a Disney movie on surround sound speakers every morning... and the little issue we had with bird "waste" covering our fire wood.... we weren't sure if the fireplace even worked properly.

So, long story longer.... we needed to get everything checked out/cleaned out before it was safe to use.

(Even though the idea of FREE roasted bird made my heart flutter)

I kid. (You shouldn't take me so seriously)

Then apparently my husband added "chimney sweep" to his long list of things he excels in. And preceded to make our fireplace a dream come true. Complete with dancing and singing on all of the rooftops in Gaston. Just like you would imagine.

If you are a Mary Poppins fan ... that is. Those of you who are not probably are just imaging a hard days work.

And I'm sorry for your imagination.

Now... not only was my fireplace full of wood. But then I looked outside and saw this.....

An entire truck load full. Which he unloaded by himself in the freezing cold... while I sat in my jammies, wrapped up in a blanket eagerly anticipating the warmth of the fire. And I may or may not have gotten a couple of wire hangers ready for marshmallow roasting.

Even though messy food eating and cooking is forbidden in my "favorite room of the house".

And then..... The first Snyder fire EVER was lit. Kev did it all by himself and without any of my prior Girl Scout advice - which was clearly for the best.

The sound of the fire crackling was music to my ears.....

And it filled up the room with the smell of roasted hot dogs. With a hint of bird.

My beautiful fire at night......

But folks. This was not the end of my incredibly thoughtful evening. No sir-ree.
Kev then put in this movie....

A movie that I had been dying to see. It had received very mixed reviews... and I had planned on eventually watching it. Probably by myself. But I should have known that the man of my dreams would sacrifice his evening to watch it with me and enjoy the fire.
Will someone please tell me what I did to deserve him?
I LOVED this movie. LOVED IT! But let me just explain that I also love food, and cooking, and baking ( sometimes), and blogging. Almost too much. So, it was right up my alley. And even though I have definitely not mastered the art of French cooking.... I fell in love with Julia Child. I fell in love with her passion and determination and humor and positive outlook and her relationship with her husband. And I've decided that she is my new best friend.
And as for Julie. I liked her too. We share the same meltdowns when something doesn't turn out. And the same stress level to prepare the perfect meal. And the same incredibly supportive, loving, motivating husband. That ALWAYS looks on the bright side. Even when you don't want him to. Even when you just want him to feel sorry for you. And that is definitely something I have taken for granted - which I have now learned to appreciate and cherish.
So, if you just LOVE cooking like I do. If you love to grocery shop for the perfect ingredients. Or get excited over a new zester or knife or spice. Or you understand that food brings people together and makes them happy.
Then watch this movie!
But just know that I do draw the line on some cooking necessities. Like de-boning a duck. Ewww! I can't even pull the meat off of the roasted whole chickens from the deli. Kev has to do that while I put a paper bag over my head. And I also will NOT cook a calf's leg for a gelatin dessert. ICK!
But anything else. I will do! It is all done for LOVE you know. That is why I cook.
Oh... except for cleaning my own fish. GROSS!
There is a reason that I love the Fresh Market so much. They do all of those things for me. In addition to giving all of my senses a sensational delight.
Kev said the movie was "cute". And he kept the fire going for most of the night. And he truly makes me so happy. And is too good to me. And I love him for it.
And he will forever be "the butter to my bread".

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  1. I too love sitting next to a fire on a cold day. I agree, the movie was great! Glad you got to have a nice evening.