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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Quest For Spring

It is March 11, 2010. I am sitting in my most comfortable position in my most comfortable seat in the house. Listening to rain. And cold. And gray gloom.

And yes. You can hear the sound of cold through my chattering teeth and the wailing of the wildlife outside. As for the gray gloom - just trust me on that. Because I don't know how to describe the sound.

But it is awful.

What a winter it has been. What a LONG winter. And before you get annoyed on the fact that ANOTHER person is complaining about the weather.... just know that I would have complained about it long ago with everyone else if I hadn't been so busy lately.

So, it is my time to complain. I hope you can forgive me.

When I was young, the idea of snow made me the happiest person on Earth. The sight of it made me even happier than the happiest person on Earth. It was unbelievable. Growing up in Alabama (yes, I wore overalls - it was a fashion statement. no, I did not date/kiss/marry any of my kin) snow was few and far between. So, when any Northerner happened to move in to town - I would gladly listen to their amazing stories of walking through the snow. With bare feet. For 20 miles. To get to school.

And then I would realize that it was my Dad in disguise trying to motivate me to walk to the end of the driveway to get on the bus without complaining.

My point is..... Snow= I loved it.

Fast forward to the present day. Snow= I hate it.

With the exception of it's beauty........

I hate being cold. And dreary. And driving cautiously. And wearing a coat.

Except for I don't own a coat. And I should probably always drive cautiously.

As you already know... we got snow this year. Every one got snow this year. Except for Hawaii.

I had to leave work early. And it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. I've never experienced anything like it.

I think. My memory fails me often.

At one point, Kev was ready to "gear" up and come and find me. It would have been straight out of a movie. And wildly romantic. But, basically I was just stuck in between two pick up trucks while good Samaritans tried to pull them out of the snow and push them up the hill. I figured I was pretty safe... and had already decided that if a mountain man came out of the woods looking for a bride. I would probably go with him. Depending on what food he was willing to offer me.

It is survival of the fittest out here. And the fact that I refuse to miss a meal. Even if my life is in danger.

Luckily, I made it home safely. ( and remained faithful to Kev)

And was able to get some beautiful shots of the snow.....

I was hoping that by the time I had a moment to myself to catch up on this blog.... we would be in full blown Spring. And all of the cold weather would be the furthest thing from our minds.
But with the exception of one pretty day.... I am longing for Spring weather like I never have before.
I even wore a sundress to a meeting in Raleigh last week. With nothing on my legs. In the snow.
The tragedy of my fashion was not that I froze to death. It was that my legs should not EVER be in the light of day. In public. Especially this time of year.
You may or may not be seeing me soon on a TLC show called.... "An Abominable Snowman sighting"
Easter eggs, bunnies, sundresses, and marshmallow peeps are only weeks away.... and I have never wanted Spring weather more than I do this year.
Not to mention how much I miss my birds......

Hope you are staying warm!

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