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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution # 231 and #307

Yes. I really do have that many resolutions.

I am nearing the end of my 30's and I need to make this year count. I want my 30's to be known for more than that I love to put cheese on everything. And my severe procrastination when it comes to shaving.

Now. If I could just finalize my resolution list. I seem to add something to it every day. In a notebook with perforated pages. Just in case I need to tear a page out. Or two.

And pretend they never existed.

And speaking of notebooks. And lists. I'm a total fanatic about them. As we speak, I have three notebooks in my purse (large tote bag). One for my weekly meal plans/grocery lists. One for my resolutions. And one for party planning.

The parties that I plan are mostly for just me and Kev. In case you were wondering. I've got four planned just for February.

We are some celebrating fools.

And then there is the day planner notebook. With a calendar for each month and a place where I can write DAILY to-do lists. It thrills me to no end to be able to mark something off of a list.

Don't even get me started on if we are going on a trip. That involves getting ANOTHER notebook just for the trip. What to pack. Where to eat. Activities.

Maybe "not wasting so much paper on lists" should be on my list.

And just so you know..... this list writing issue that I have.... it started in my youth. Every Sunday.... between morning and evening church service.... I used to lay on my bed and listen to Kasey Kasem's Top 40 RADIO show and write down ALL 40 songs in order. In a notebook. And then compare the rankings to the previous week's list.

I was probably also wearing my head gear. And drooling out of the sides of my mouth just because I couldn't handle that much metal at one time.

Wow. What a loser!

I'm so glad that I have moved on from such bizarre and embarrassing behavior. ;)

Anyhoo.... Back to the point of this post....

Resolution #231. Find and CONSISTENTLY use a anti-wrinkle/skin firming/ moisturizing lotion.

Because there is no time better than your late 30's to begin a reversal process on the insane amounts of damage you have done to your face. Including but not limited to the Crisco oil that I used for "sunscreen" in the 80's. I mean... let's be honest here. It is pretty much a waste of time to put special serums on my skin. Especially when the tube of lotion takes one look at the task at hand and goes on strike. But lucky for me... Resolution #5 is to be less cynical and more positive. So, I forge ahead in to the unknown world of skin repair and enhancements.

I have collected a pretty good amount of lotion samples over the years.....

And stored them away. Maybe I was waiting for a special day?? Who knows. But I have dusted them off and organized them. And have started the process of trying different lotions each day to see what works. Except for the fact that most of the samples are one time use. And the packages say that you must use consistently for weeks to see a difference. Oh... and also the fact that I have had these samples for YEARS which means they probably don't even work anymore.

But at least I am TRYING to take care of my skin. That is definitely a step in the right direction.

Resolution #307. Wear Sunglasses EVERY day.

I NEVER wear sunglasses. EVER. And if you have ever seen me in a pair - then it is usually because I was going on a vacation and felt I needed to buy them because it was on my LIST. And then I would pretty much break or lose them within the first day.

Like last March when I crushed a pair between my thighs while riding Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. That pair only lasted for 3 hours. Who knew my thighs were so strong?? They also made the top fly off of my popcorn bucket. On the same ride. Which resulted in popcorn flying all over the seat.

Needless to say.. the ride attendant was not very happy with me. Or my thighs of steel.

Regardless. Once again I had wasted money on sunglasses. And I swore to never buy them again. Except for the fact that they are an important part of protecting your eye sight. And not just for fashion as some (me) may assume.

I mean... Kev has worn a pair EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.OF.HIS.LIFE. He can't function without them. Some times..... he even wears them to breakfast because our kitchen is so bright in the morning.

"Bright light" "Bright light"... (name that movie!)

So, I broke down and bought ANOTHER pair. For medical reasons and preservation of my eyes. And I gave myself a lecture about how "I better take care of this pair. I better not lose them or break them or I would be grounded". And then I forgot all about them and left them in a bag in my closet.

Until yesterday.......

(Can I look any angrier?? I think this pic is hilarious because I was so focused on taking a picture of myself that apparently I could NOT smile at the same time) ( And let's not even begin talking about how badly I need my roots done and how extremely flat my hair was) ( I'm serious... do NOT talk about it. Or I will come after you with that angry face and give you a piece of my mind!)

So, basically, I have started two of my resolutions. But unfortunately, cannot cross them off the list until I prove consistency. And with my A.D.D. - that means one week.

And now I need to add to my list..... stop having A.D.D.

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  1. GREMLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ps - LOVE THE PIC! are you sending that in to be on rock of love b/c you look super hard core :)