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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Week of Randomness ....wrapping up February

It is already March..... the start of Spring! At least in my mind it is the start of Spring - I have no idea when it really starts because I refuse to look at calendars. I don't even know what year it is... On New Year's Eve of 1989, I made a mental note to never look at the date again. I was too afraid of what the future held for fashion and music. Clearly I had a right to be afraid... but that explanation is for another time.

So, Spring started today.... but yet I woke to wild winds, torrential rain and HAIL! Now let me just tell you that storms freak me out.... always have and always will. Once when I was young and living in Alabama..... there was a possible tornado WARNING... emphasis on the possible and warning - nothing definite and for sure. Well, I didn't think that my parents were taking it seriously. My Dad laughs in the face of storms... almost like the storm is challenging him to a duel.... a duel that he refuses to lose. My Dad is threatened by NOTHING... except for obnoxious teenage daughters of which he had too many and even then I wouldn't call it a threat but a nuisance. So, I started to panic... and by panic I mean FREAK OUT! I ran down the street to my friend's house to see what her parents thought about it. Well, much to my delight, they were concerned. I invited myself over and then ran home to pack up my valuables as fast as I could. Now I am EXTREMELY sentimental! I packed my photo albums, my kindergarten graduation certificate ( you never know when you are going to need that to get a job), my Little House on the Prairie books, my bronzed baby shoe, and my Strawberry Shortcake doll. Only the VERY important things could go... I had to carry all of this down the street - by myself. As I was leaving the house, my Dad was putting up tents in the yard and daring the tornado to ruin our backyard family camp out. And guess what... NOTHING EVER HAPPENED - Not a thing! Ok - so I overreact. A LOT! There is nothing I can do about it. 50 years later... and I still act the same way about storms. And this morning... it was LOUD and scary and sounded like the world was about to I decided that I better get my buns to church. And I did and it was a great service. But now it is supposed to snow tonight.... SNOW in MARCH! What is the world coming to?

I don't even think you realize how much is going on in March.... and at the rate I post stories, I better get my act together! Let me just give you a tiny glimpse in to our month of madness...Sister's birthday (Holly), Dr. Suess' birthday, Dad's Birthday, Sister's anniversary (Kris), Friday the 13th-AGAIN!!!!!, St. Patrick's Day, Trip to Disney with Sister home from Cuba (Holly), and Father -in- Law's Birthday. That doesn't even account for all of the shenanigans we get in to on a regular every day basis. You had better start setting aside time to read because you will have a lot of it to do.

I don't feel that I can move on until I finish out February..... I have only been posting for a month..... it feels like a lifetime except for the fact that I have only posted 9 times! I don't know how people post more than that.... my hands would be in so much pain that I would not be able to tease my bangs or play guitar hero. Did I ever tell you that I have a mild case of carpal tunnel? Well, I do. It is from too much "jazz handing" and "spirit fingering" throughout my life. I have a lot of things to celebrate - I'm very excitable!

So, to recap last week and finish out the month - here are the things that are worthy of my blogging...

1. The Oscars - always a huge event in our house. We LOVE movies... except for these days we watch them mainly on Netflix - which means we usually haven't seen most of the movies up for awards unless someone pulled a Kramer ( from Seinfeld) and recorded them in the theater.... and then we would refuse to watch them! That IS stealing by the way! And not only is stealing WRONG but stolen movies damage your electronics - it is a known fact! So, we hadn't seen any of the movies.... but we are HUGE celebrity junkies... and we will watch the movies... eventually!

In 1995, I entered an Oscar contest with B106. I had to fill out a questionnaire about who would win each award AND estimate how long the Oscars would be in case of a tie breaker. The winning prize was $106.00!! You are never going to believe this.... BUT I WON! They actually tried to call me at work to surprise me on the radio.... but I didn't go in until 10 and they had already announced the winner. I got EVERY single award right and guessed the length of the show within 5 minutes! That was the year of Braveheart, Apollo 13, Babe... etc. I was SO excited ..... and then I got a speeding ticket the next week and had to use the money to pay for it. So, really Lexington County won the contest. They have won a lot of "contests" from me... but who is counting.

I'm sure you are all assuming that I had an Oscar "themed" party. Well, I would have but I've tried it in the past and Kev absolutely will NOT dress appropriately! It is so annoying! For years I would send him an invitation stating "black tie event". He would show up wearing nothing but a black tie AND that does NOT count! Have you ever tried to interview someone on the red carpet when they are nude? It is hard to know where to look.

Even without a celebration, I still enjoyed the show! I'm definitely interested in seeing most of the movies represented... especially the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. AND I was thrilled that Heath won an Oscar! He is my favorite actor. I was touched by the acceptance speech his family gave but wish he was here to accept it himself.

2. I figured out how to use leftover beef broth in a super delicious way. One of our New Year's resolutions was to not be wasteful of food. I have always overbought... made too much.... you get the picture. Basically, there was LOTS of food going in the trash every week. Ridiculous! So, I have tried to be mindful of my meal planning and food prep. To honor my resolution, I even ate a yogurt that had been sitting outside of the fridge for two days!! People warned me to throw it away... but I have a secret super power.... A STOMACH OF STEAL! I was born with it... it comes from my Dad. He was born in Kentucky - you would not believe the things people eat there! When I was in Jr. High, kids would pay me money to eat strange things. SERIOUSLY! I started working for money at an early age. Now I am sure that you all know how "strange" school cafeteria food is... unless you were home schooled and if you were then you will just have to trust me. The other kids would mix things up - like applesauce and salisbury steak - and I would eat it. I like to entertain... it's in my blood!

So, my problem is that I will buy beef or chicken broth for a recipe - which will only require 1/2 cup. It really bugged me to not have another use for it - and usually you only have about two weeks before it expires. And then I found the perfect recipe.... wild mushroom and onion soup. You basically cook some sliced onions in olive oil, throw in fresh mushrooms, spices and simmer it all in beef broth. DELISH! Add a fresh salad and some garlic cheese bread and you will have a delightful meal.

#3. Kev surprised me with two new additions to our family.... Skyler and Bear.

Aren't they beautiful! I have been wanting hanging plants forever! He also replanted all of our plants... some of them in beautiful yellow flower pots to match the kitchen. We now have a total of 9 plants. My 7 year old nephew Elijah was over on Saturday and told me that he knew about my plants and that they had names because he reads my blog. He must think his aunt and uncle are crazy. :-)

4. And speaking of Elijah being over on Saturday.... we had a party.... a surprise party! But for who and what for... you will have to wait until the next post.

Well, that about wraps up February. We have really enjoyed blogging so far and appreciate all of you reading! Stay tuned for more adventures.....

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