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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

Who doesn't love a circus? Well, I'm sure that some people don't... but that is besides the point. I grew up going to the circus EVERY year! This was a major event in my family and one we always looked forward to. I would sit on the edge of my seat the entire time... you had to.. there was so much going on and you didn't want to miss a thing. But then I grew up... lost interest... and hadn't been in 15 years.

So, my Mom invites me this year. Well, as you know, I don't get out much or do much outside of work and home.... so you can imagine my families' surprise when I said that I would go. (They were actually assuming I would say no... and only asked me out of courtesy... so they were probably mortified that I went... but oh well.) I can't explain what came over me.... I was a kid again and could not wait to see this circus. I talked about it all week, had circus themed meals (like hay, peanuts, and protein shakes), dressed up Kev as a clown and then screamed every time he walked in to the room, and practiced riding my bike in a bear costume. By Friday, I was beside myself with excitement. I headed straight there after work... without even eating dinner... which was actually a planned decision because since I was going to the circus I could eat popcorn for dinner without being scolded. That is the plus side of Kev NOT going with me... I can eat snack food for dinner and I don't have to miss parts of the show because I'm taking him to the bathroom. Once there, I met up with my Mom, Dad, sister Shannon, niece, and four nephews. Before the circus began we had to ensure the show would be a success by completing the following.... buying me a large box of popcorn, getting cotton candy for the kids, purchasing a light-up toy that would be broken before the show is over, and getting my Mom something on a stick, that is dipped in chocolate, that will make a huge mess, and makes everyone stare at her while she is eating it. Why do they make things like that to eat.... it always looks likes she is eating something she shouldn't be... which is not appetizing AT ALL!

Purchases in hand, bathrooms visited, and the show is about to begin. Now I want to start by saying that I had an INCREDIBLE time... I really did! I enjoyed being with my family and seeing the show... but boy has it changed over the years! The circus used to be a "three ring" circus. There would be something going on in every ring constantly. Sometimes three different families would be showcasing three different animals. And speaking of families... every stunt, trick, talent would be done by a family... mom, dad, kids. At this circus, I think there was only one family that did everything. They just kept changing costumes... except for the girls that danced and sang. It was like Broadway show meets the zoo. And speaking of animals.... there used to be SO many animals... different species and multiples upon multiples. They used to be able to do an entire parade with elephants. I even saw a unicorn once....a freaking unicorn! Granted there was glue running down his face from where the horn was glued to his head... but still. Talk about Lions, and tigers, and bears...oh my! Except for there were no lions or bears... just tigers at this one. Does anyone remember Gunther Gable Williams? He was the star of the show... the celebrity lion/tiger tamer. His entire family would come out... all with white blonde hair and shiny muscles and would help him in the performance. Anyway.... like I said before... the circus sure has changed but is still entertaining and fun. My favorite parts are the dogs that do tricks and the motorcycles that drive around in the cage. It makes me so nervous to watch... that I consider myself lucky if I leave the show with dry pants.

Here is a pic of one of the animal cages..... what a hairy beast!! You can definitely see that the economy has affected the circus....

These were two of the clowns sitting next to me.... Austin (left) and Elijah (right). I'm sure my Mom will be thanking me for posting a pic of her backside!

Speaking of clowns.... I was crowned the queen of all nonsense and tom foolery. The two clowns on either side of me are my court jesters.... Michael (left)... and yes that is his REAL hair, not a clown wig.. and Ashlynn (right).

Here is my Mom eating her nonsense and ridiculousness on a stick! Anything that is dipped in chocolate and placed on a stick should be outlawed. I sat several seats away from her for fear of ruining my reputation!

And last but not least is "baby" Mason and my sister Shannon. Mason is actually 5 but since he is the youngest ... he is still the "baby". He is making the typical forced smile that young kids make when posing for pics.

It was such a fun night and I was so happy that I was able to go! Thanks so much to my parents for inviting me! Even though Kev didn't go... he didn't miss a thing because I re-enacted EVERY detail for him when I got home. Let's just say that some tricks are better performed in an open arena instead of in the living room.

I'm thinking of starting a circus in my backyard with all of my woodland creatures.... squirrels, birds, cats, turkeys, a fox and a rooster... what could be more entertaining than that? Kev could even tell jokes.... such as theses great ones he told me today....

"Why don't you play cards in the jungle?"
answer: "Because of the cheetahs"

or "What's in the middle of a jelly fish?"
answer: "a jelly button"

or "How does a frog feel when he has a broken leg?"
answer "Unhoppy"

He's got plenty more where those came from.... I'm telling you, I think our circus would be a hit! Stay tuned.....

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