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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy...

I'm going to go ahead and take a guess that none of you know the song I am referencing in my title. "Sunshine on My Shoulders" by John Denver. I grew up listening to his RECORDS... and by records.. I mean I had an actual record player with real records. It was just like the one on the Flintstones where a bird's beak is what made the record play. I'm older than I look.

So, why the John Denver song? Well, I am sitting outside right now... in the SUNSHINE.... and I had forgotten how happy the sunshine makes me.... and that song just popped in to my head. It is an absolutely gorgeous day! And by absolutely... I mean the prettiest day we've had so far this year. I'm laying out ... in an actual swimsuit (Remember my rule of calling before you come over... I wouldn't want to freak you out). I've got everything I need out here... a glass of tea, my phone, my computer, and cat bird. Yes, that's right.... CAT BIRD is back!! I haven't seen her yet but she is meowing like crazy.... along with all of the other birds that are music to my ears... unless I'm trying to take a nap. And I know what you are thinking.... a phone on the pool deck? That is against the rules after the "Shannon incident of '08"... so Kev got me a water proof phone. It even floats in the pool. Just don't tell him about the computer part.... but actually there isn't a computer mentioned in the "Snyder rule book". So, I'm ok.... for now.

I LOVE the sun... perhaps a little too much. Add a pool or a beach ... and I am thrilled. I have been laying out since I can remember ( which is just since this morning... my memory is starting to fail me) but I'm a little safer about it these days (emphasis on the word "little" because I am already turning red and have only been out for an hour).... because when I was younger, I would literally buy a canister of Crisco and would rub it all over my body and sit outside all day. That is no joke! The consequences of that are:
1. I've aged quickly.... I'm really only 25.
2. I'm in the Guinness Book of World Records under " Most sun damage"
3. I taste like a baked good.
It was all worth it though... I think.... until the day that someone wants to make a designer bag out of me and even then if it makes me a lot of money then it is all good.

I'm officially in my happy place and am so looking forward to the Spring and Summer. Kev worked SO hard last weekend getting the yard and pool ready. He worked SO hard that just thinking about it makes me have to take a nap. Every thing looks amazing!! My outdoor skills are limited to swimming, hula hooping, and climbing trees. Kev knew that when he married me... it was in my contract. I raked leaves once to make money for a Girl Scout trip.. and the guy actually paid me to LEAVE his property. I never actually clean anything up... I just move it around to confuse people. It works... mostly.

Last week was pretty uneventful.... except for all of the celebrations that I posted about. Oh.... and the fact that I have to have my wisdom teeth removed. Kev and I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday. Kev is so cute at the dentist. He walks out in to the waiting area with a grin... not just a regular grin, but a huge one that shows ALL of his teeth. They were all sparkling so much that I had to put my ski mask back on. My ski mask with NO holes cut out for the eyes. Unfortunately, it was very hard to see what happened after that. I was poked and prodded for what seemed like an eternity.... the odd thing was that nothing ever happened to my mouth. At least that was a nightmare that I had while I was still awake..... after I was told that I HAD to get my wisdom teeth taken out IMMEDIATELY! I'm sure you have all read my fears of not being "in control" while being "worked on". I have been putting off this "wisdom teeth" nonsense for years and years but for some reason Kev cannot seem to forget about it. He keeps forgetting my rule of "not speaking unless being spoken to" when he is at the doctor or dentist. He reminded them about my wisdom teeth before I even got there. My eyes literally filled up with tears and my bottom lip started trembling when I made the appointment. Let me tell you something right now..... I WILL NOT BE BRAVE! Unless I get a new lounge chair for the pool.
My appointment is for April 14th.... I'm sure you will hear all about it then.

Also last week I did a lot of cooking. I discovered this wonderful recipe site on my cousin Angela's blog. She makes Paula Deen-esque recipes and wonderful dishes you can take to parties, luncheons, family gatherings... etc. So far I have made the poppyseed chicken ( Kev LOVES this one), Swiss stuffed chicken - yum!, and the lemon roasted chicken, potatoes, and green beans - DELISH! Tonight I am making her Butterfinger Cake. I've never even had a Butterfinger before! Can you believe it! Every one tells me that I will love it... and Angela made it last week with yummy results... so, I'm looking forward to it. I also got another great recipe from Amy Jackson.. Miss Jackson if you're nasty! ( That is a shout out to Janet and not an assumption about your cleanliness) We are trying that tomorrow night and I'll tell you all about it on my next post. And then there is the Vege Burger (sausage) balls that I made last week. I got that recipe from Holly (my sis). They were DELECTABLE! I dipped mine in ranch and Kev dipped his in honey mustard. I accidentally ate all of them.... even the ones set aside for Kev's lunch. I blamed it on Patsy Cline ( our palm tree)... so don't tell him otherwise.

And speaking of our plants... they are doing quite well! Kev truly has a green thumb... and not just because of a fungus. It is so fun to learn that you have a talent later in life.... I'm not saying he is old... just middle -aged. He has such patience and is such a nurturer.... no wonder they (and I) have thrived in his care. Now if only he can find a plant big enough to block the rooster's (aka F@#!ster) view to our yard. He looks through the fence and taunts me with his angry words. I thought laying out topless would scare him off.... but now I think I can hear him laughing.
Well, I guess that is about it for now..... this will be a crazy weekend with Friday the 13th, St. Patty's Day celebrations, and the circus! That's right folks.... I'm going to the circus on Friday! My Mom got me a ticket... she says I have to sit inside of a cannon.... but the ticket was free... so I'm not complaining. I look forward to telling you all about it.

Have a "beautiful sunshiney day"! ( That is a quote from the Brady Bunch Movie)

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  1. Hi Kim. I did blog about the recipes I used, but they are not actually mine. They are from a blog friend of mine - Kelly's blog. I can't take the credit for those, but her recipe blog is a great source for some yummy eats. I use it all the time.