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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet Treats, Good Eats..... and KFed?

I want to start off by explaining that the title of this post is describing two completely different subjects... food and KFed. I did not want anyone to be confused and think that "sweet treats" and "good eats" were adjectives for KFed... because if I wanted to describe him, I would probably say "moocher", "bad rapper", and "thug". Now that I have explained the title... we can move on....

Ok. So remember when I told you to check out the recipe blog : Well, it was NOT a suggestion but a requirement to be my friend. I'm telling you that everything that I make from this site has been delish....and by delish, I mean easy, minimal ingredients, and DELICIOUS! The latest "dish" I made was a dessert... Butterfinger Cake. Have you ever even heard of such a thing? Candy bars and cake mixed together... pure heaven. For the record, I had NEVER even eaten a Butterfinger. I assumed that they tasted like a butter stick with a chocolate coating. Now even though that would be something that Paula Deen would eat.... I'm not a fan of eating butter sticks.... I prefer it melted in a bowl so I can drink it. So, I asked around town and was told that Butterfingers were yummy and that I would definitely like them. This cake was soooo easy to make....

1 box of yellow cake mix

1 jar caramel topping

1 can swtnd condensed milk

4 butterfinger candy bars

cool whip

You make the cake as directed in a 13x9 pan. While it is still warm from the oven... poke holes in it. Mix caramel and milk and pour over cake. Crush up butterfingers and spread on top of cake. Let it cool in fridge. Cover with cool whip before serving. AND that is it!

The best part about it is that I got to make a huge mess..... that is always a sign that I am making something good. I smashed the Butterfingers up with a mallet-type kitchen tool..... let's just say that candybars were flying everywhere. If you want to make this cake at my house then we will have to do it when Kev is at work.

My other great cooking delight of last week was a sausage casserole.... now it is technically called a breakfast casserole.... but since we LOVE to eat breakfast for dinner... I just changed the name a little. I don't know why eating breakfast for dinner is so exciting and yummy... but it is. It is almost like you can savor it more because you are not in a rush to start your day. This casserole recipe was provided to me by Amy Jackson.

Now, if you are lucky enough to work in a place full of women with great cooking skills... then you know what it is like to be me. I have gotten so many wonderful recipes from the girls at work. Anytime there is a meeting, or busy holiday, or just a random day of the week... you can expect to taste delicious treats and viddles. I will go ahead and let you in on a little secret... I always bring "to go" containers to these "pot luck" days. I learned that from my parents... you should see them at weddings! Let's just say that if you ever invite them to your wedding... plan on paying for four people instead of two. AND just because you don't see them handling a container doesn't mean they don't have other ways of collecting food.... ie; umbrellas, hats, kangaroo pouches. Once when they were leaving a place, it started pouring rain and they had to decide whether to save their food collection or themselves - because the umbrella was full of food! True Story! I think we are scavengers by nature... it must be the "Eskimo" in my blood. Anyway, since Kev is a fan of trying new things... I usually bring him a sampling and then get the recipes for the things he likes.

So, it's 5am on Black Friday ( for you non retail folks.... that is the day after Thanksgiving) and I am opening the store with Amy. She welcomed me with this delicious breakfast casserole - which I'm sure was the reason that we ended up having an incredible day! Now ,I have never really been a fan of sausage... unless it was in a sausage ball... or still inside a pig because I think pigs are cute. Well, this dish changed my life... so much so that I am changing my middle name to sausage -( don't worry, it will still be the same initial so all of my monogrammed things will not have to be replaced). I had to have this recipe! Well, it wasn't as easy to get as you might think. If you know Amy - then you know she is famous! And by famous I mean that she is extremely talented along with her sisters and they have their own cd. I'm not joking.... it is true! The Jackson Sisters. They play the most beautiful music. I am blown away by how talented they all are and how they all work together so well..... the entire Jackson story is mesmerizing. If you ever meet Amy.. ask her to tell you about it. AND then buy her cd! You won't regret it!

So, I wanted a famous families' recipe..... a secret recipe... and was told I would have to work for it. I'm thinking... bouncer, autograph distributor, hair stylist ( which if you seen my hair recently - that would be a total joke!)... but no... I was going to be a substitute musician. Those of you who know me, know that I was raised in Alabama. Alabama + Gaston = jug blower and knee slapper. I'm sure you know where this story is going..... I showed up for my first gig and wasn't even allowed in to the building. I don't know if it was because I was wearing overalls with bare feet or if my jug was full of whiskey. But bottom line.... I finally got the recipe as a pay off to keep me away from the family. However, Amy tells me that they can play anything and will be willing to perform Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin at my 4th of July party. How cool is that!

I served the sausage casserole on Thursday night...... and it was a HUGE hit!!! This will definitely be made over and over in my house. I served it with biscuits and.... pineapple? I know pineapple is random but I had a can of it in the pantry and didn't know what to do with it.

Enjoy the picture.... because I will not divulge the secret recipe.... I have been sworn to secrecy.

And now for my story of KFed..... aka Kevin Federline.... aka Fed -ex of Britney Spears... aka moocher, bad rapper, and thug. Now let me just clarify that I don't know KFed personally and I do realize that you can't always believe whatever you read. However, we are HUGE fans of celebrities... we watch all the shows, read the mags, etc. We love knowing about them. So, even though I don't personally care for Kevin ( not to be confused with my husband).... he has touched Britney who has touched JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE... who I LOVE!!! So, this sighting of KFed was pretty exciting in my book! He just happened to be staying at the same resort as my parents in Disney.... The Animal Kingdom Lodge. Bethany texted me that she was with him on the elevator.... so I immediately contacted Melissa who is just as much of a fan of celebs as me. She started doing research on TMZ to see if she could see my family stalking KFed. Meanwhile I got another text from Bethany saying that my Mom had just run up to him and had taken his picture. Now, my Mom will take pics of anything and everything..... I still wasn't sure if it was really KFed. Once, my Mom took a picture of me because she thought I was the Hamburgler.... granted I was holding a hamburger in each hand and was dressed in the Hamburgler costume for a family celebration of McDonalds... but still - my point is that she isn't as in to celebrities as me and I wondered how in the world my Mom even knew who KFed was.

But later that night.... pics were posted on TMZ that Britney was with her sons in the Magic Kingdom ( the same time as my parents!) And you know that KFed is never too far behind Britney... because she pays him A LOT. Hey Britney... I will watch your boys for $5000 a day.. in fact I would do it for $1000 a day. Anyway, here is the infamous picture of KFed sitting at the pool bar waiting for his kids to return. I wonder what he thought of my Mom running up and taking his pic... aka "Lady in the Blue Coat". ( That nickname for my Mom needs a blog post all to itself...... and it WILL happen one day... just not today)

If you have any questions about this celebrity sighting... feel free to ask me and I will find out the answer.

Up next.... the circus! and St. Patrick's Day.....

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  1. Kelly's recipe blog is a must! I go to it all the time, and I'm so happy it's there. The Butterfinger cake is delicious and so easy. I am so happy that you made it.