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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chapin Is the Place To Be

The night started out like this....

We picked up the kids from my parent's house. It was Michael's SEVENTEENTH birthday. And I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how my sweet little nephew became SEVENTEEN.

So, Michael spent the day on the lake. With his Mother and Randy. And then we all met up at their house for an extravaganza.

I think it is so weird. And strange. That we ( most of my family) live in "Columbia" but really we live an HOUR apart. From Gaston ( the special place that I call home) to Chapin ( the place my sister and her kids call home) is an HOUR apart. I'm sure it is because they ( the government) likes to keep the "rednecks" as far apart as possible. We are smart, you see. And seem to cause rambunctious trouble.

But we have learned how to fight the system. And therefore, we met in Chapin. On a Saturday night. To celebrate.

And that is where I took my prized photograph of this grasshopper... And then I needed to take another photo to prove that I have MAD skillz when it comes to picture taking.
Kev, do you see why I need a fancy camera? Because I take pretty pictures of bugs.

I love it out there. In Chapin. Just as much as I love it in Gaston. It is the country air. And the "good ole boys". And the laid back peace of mind.

And the golf carts on crack....

Who wouldn't want to ride around on this piece of machinery? It is air conditioned. And easy to drive. You can even have your kids drive you around.
That's more important than you realize.
But now I MUST introduce you to RANDY. The outdoor cook/chef extraordinaire. And he blew my skirt up with his food prep. And made my tummy beg for more.
He created the ULTIMATE cookout possible. And I bathed in the Crisco oil and vinegar like it was my daily bath.

Fried fish. From Lake Murray.

Fried Chips. And these chips were NOT like your every day Ruffles in a bag. They were like wing chips. Hand made slices of potato with vinegar and salt water sprayed on them.

Can I get an AMEN?
But then came the squash. The thinly cut, fried yellow squash. And that was all she wrote.

Except for I'm the "writer" and I always have more to say.
SEVENTEEN year old Mike. And his girlfriend, Sam.

The birthday cake disaster. Because every one is always dying to destroy a birthday cake on their face.....

We played "corn hole". We talked. And talked. And laughed. And talked some more. And had an amazing time with family and friends.
And declared Chapin as the "best place to be on a Saturday night".
Happy Birthday Michael!! When did you get the permission to grow up so fast?
We love you so much!

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