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Sunday, July 18, 2010

From The Kitchen Of Kim

That's right. I got a menu board. A chalkboard menu board to be exact. Because I like things old school and charming. (Dry erase boards are not charming.) And I hung it up in my kitchen.

And it makes me giggle with delight every time I walk past it.

I have been wanting one for SO LONG. And because I like to over explain myself. And because you are dying to know.... I will list out all the reasons why.

1. I LOVE lists. Especially when I can see the entire week's plan all at one time. There is something about knowing your plan for the day that helps you get started on the right foot. ( Unless you are left footed) I hung this menu plan at the entry way to the kitchen. So when I am on my way at tooearlyo'clock in the morning to make my tea, I can see what is for supper and I can make plans accordingly. ie; pull meat out of freezer, turn on crock pot, etc.

2. I love chalkboards. I always volunteered to clean the boards and erasers for my teachers. Actually, I did that to get special attention. And may or may not have needed extra credit points on a regular basis. So disregard this reason.

3. I was tired of Kev texting/emailing/calling me ALL DAY LONG to ask me what was for supper.

4. Kev has NEVER done #3. I just put it there for laughs. And actually.... he is SO happy about every single thing that I make for dinner. He just shows up when I ring the dinner bell ( me screaming that dinner is ready) and eats it with a smile. He is easy going I tell ya. EASY GOING.

5. It does tell Kev, however, the nights that I work late. It changes from week to week. So, it's easier for him to keep up with. I came up with a symbol of a "CL" in a circle ( I'm so clever) which means that I'm closing. And then he eats leftovers. In peace. Because I'm not there. It is good to get a break from me every now and then.

6. It also helps with the planning of my couponing. And keeps me focused. I buy meat on sale now - AND FREEZE IT. ( I can't believe I'm actually freezing meat - two weeks ago I would have thrown up a little in mouth at the mere mention of buying meat to freeze it. And look at me now. Who knew that my mid life crisis would consist of buying food in bulk WITH COUPONS and freezing it. I'm even using a sharpie marker to write on the package what it is and the date. Is this the longest statement in parenthesis that you have ever read?) My point is - I plan my shopping on Sundays. Write a menu. And then stick to it. A clear plan prevents me from picking up last minute take out when I am running late.

7. It makes me feel like I am running a restaurant. And in a way... I am. Except for I don't seem to get any tips. Unless I should consider burps as tips.?? I do live in the country after all. And we do things a little different out here.

And now... just to give you an example on my mad money saving and chalkboard planning skills... I present to you Sunday's meal of Mahi Mahi and squash....

For $4.20 we feasted on fresh goodness. I got two Mahi Mahi filets for $4.00. 2 fresh ears of corn for 20 cents. And 2 different kinds of squash plus jalapeno peppers for FREE. Straight from my Dad's glorious garden.
Eating cheap never tasted SO good.
And just a little tip for you.... If you choose to put up a chalkboard in your kitchen.. HIDE THE CHALK. Especially if some one from my family is coming over for a visit. We can not be trusted. And I know this. It was the first thing I thought of when I bought the chalk. I keep it hidden and only get it out when I am the only one at home. I can't imagine the chaos and shenanigans that would be caused if the chalk gets in to the wrong people's hands.
And now I'm off to buy an adorable pair of shoes. That I probably won't be able to walk in for longer than 30 minutes. But they are super cute. And are my "treat" for saving so much on food.
That's how this couponing thing works - right?

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  1. Can I come eat with you? I LOVE your menu and your chalk board! Sandi