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Friday, August 20, 2010

While I've Been Away....

Things have changed in our household. For the better. But if you think that these changes mean I have more time to blog... then you are wrong.

Does any one know of a good time management class I can take?

Does any one still read this blog?

Bueller? Bueller?

It all started when I took my vacation. A month ago. And I had big plans to organize, organize, sleep, and organize.

Besides the sleep, I never got around to the other things on my list of plans. I spent the entire week in the pool, food and drink by my side, listening to great music, and entertaining guests. It was wonderful, it was great, it was just what I needed. But then I went back to work and something called reality punched me in the face. And I haven't been the same since.

But with it's punch, reality got me to rejoin the gym. Gold's Gym. And my long lost workout family welcomed me back with a smile and a rigorous workout schedule. I didn't realize how much I missed it and how much I actually hate wearing Spanx. And suddenly every thing feels right with the world.

Except for that I have NO time management skills. And I've become one big (hopefully not for long), sweaty ( it's good sweat - from the gym), frazzled ( darn humidity) mess.

My life consists of working ( a lot), couponing, managing a diner ( my kitchen), reading fashion magazines ( for work, of course), sitting in the pool enjoying what is left of summer, reading other people's blogs ( I follow about 30), telling jokes, and now working out 5 days a week.

I mean - if the summer would just end. And it would get too cold to swim. Then I would have so much extra time. But right now, it is important that I utilize the pool as much as I possibly can. It's one of the reasons we bought this house. Not to mention that I'm striving to retire and make money by selling my leathery skin for handbags.

Why does the sun have to be so mean?

Anyhoo, I thought I would just write a couple of things to get you up to date. And then I promise to keep up with this blog. For any one that even still reads it. And don't be surprised if I back track a little and tell you about things that have happened this summer. Back before I achieved "the most sun damage ever acquired by middle aged white girl".

It's a real title you know. Given out by the Gaston town council. Bret Michaels was the host.

So, over the past 5 weeks I have:

1. Fallen in LOVE with skinny jeans. Like head over heels where have you been all my life - in love. I hope they are in fashion forever. I credit them for my desire to go back to the gym and not the fact that it is a good idea to get in shape for health reasons. My store is even going to be carrying STIRRUP PANTS this Fall. STIRRUP PANTS!!! Dear 1980's, thank you for finally finding me after 20 years. I have missed you so much.

2. I have semi-broken my nose. It's swollen. It's sore. It hurts to brush my teeth. But Kev says that as long as I can breath - then it will be fine. He is also the one who said my nephew's busted chin didn't need stitches. And a hospital visit and 3 stitches later - he was proved wrong. It is my payback for balancing on a ladder in 3 inch heels after going three days without sleep. I may or may not have lost my footing and my hold of a magnetic sign. I call it my battle wound for fashion.

3. I have kept up with my menu chalk board. Every week. I have planned, prepped, and cooked meals effectively. I usually don't stick to things very long or consistently ( ie; MY BLOG) so this is a definite win for me.

4. I have saved a bazillion dollars on groceries. Well, maybe not a bazillion - but very close. We have a system. I get the papers on Sunday. Kev helps me cut coupons. I organize them. And then plan out my grocery shopping accordingly. My freezer is FULL, folks. Like busting at the seams full. Kev never thought I could fill that freezer up. But I did. And with the exception of a couple of glitches ( like a paper not having any coupons, or the store has been sold out of an item) I have done pretty good.

5. Have I mentioned I've been working on a tan?

And now for the things that I have NOT done over the past five weeks...

1. Cleaned my house.

2. Done laundry - the gym is a stinky place... so, hopefully no one notices.

3. Cleaned up my closet.

4. Stopped using the ENTIRE house as my closet.

5. Organized anything.


My days have been filled. My head has been filled. My pool has been filled. I have got to do a better job of planning. Actually, it is not the planning part - it is the execution of the plans part. In a timely manner.

And now I will move on. To something worth talking about. Something random that I need you to try......

Kraft Homestyle Mac n Cheese. I will just sum it up by saying "Yum City"!
I received a great coupon for it. I was hesitant. We are not much of a processed foods family any more. We have decided that our taste buds have matured. And we are officially becoming food snobs. Food snobs that like squirt cheese in a can ( Kevin) and slim jims ( Kim).
Anyway, I figured we would try it. And it tasted just like a home made macaroni and cheese. I even went the extra mile and baked it for 10 minutes at the end ( it gives the option to do that on the back of the bag) for a crispier top. Not to mention that it is SUPER easy to make.

It was so creamy and cheesy and yummy. And yet I managed to only eat one helping. Because
"every thing in moderation" is my new motto.
Hopefully, my motto will last longer than it usually does. :)
Until next time ( which should be in a couple of days - and not five weeks) I will be running and punching and kicking and squatting. And not because I'm being chased by a hillbilly in my back yard and I need to pee.

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  1. I am thrilled you are back, and can't wait to hear more about your summer. I love you and your blog.