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Friday, March 26, 2010

Headaches And Coughing And Sneezing... OH MY.

We've been sick.

Like "I'm so miserable.. is this ever going to end sick".

And it all started with a simple case of allergies.

Allergies. They are evil.

We didn't get them until late in life. Like just a couple of years ago.

When I was little, I used to stare in dismay at my Mom, sister Shannon, and brother David and the misery they encountered every Spring season.

And thought it unfair that they had this ailment that ensured they received more attention than me.

It was frustrating being born healthy. Which is why I became so accident prone.

Anyway, about three years ago, I got sick at the beginning of Spring. And then the next year - we both got sick. And so on.

The problem is this: I don't want/need the attention of being sick anymore. I want/need to feel great every day. To perform my job. To enjoy my life.

Not to mention that it makes me very grumpy. Like in the mood to punch grumpy. And so when Kev is sick right along with me - it makes for the worst situation possible. Because when I punch him - he actually says "Ow" and asks me not to.

What kind of fun is that?

So, allergies + Benedryl = a sleepy but painless person.

Until it gets worse.

And then your only hope is to take every over the counter medication you can think of and pray that SOMETHING will work.

Oh.. and you also get to eat whatever you want. Because you are sick. We made that rule up last week.

Well, I FINALLY started to feel better yesterday. And decided that I might feel up to "cleaning" the house.

( I say "cleaning" because I can only handle one room at a time. Due to my ADHD and dislike for cleaning. I mean... there are so many other things I can be doing. Like watching tv and sleeping)

And then I saw my house through healthier eyes.....

And realized that our house had become one big pitiful, sickly, trash can.

So, instead of cleaning it up. ( It was all of Kev's mess) I just took pictures of it. Because it is a hard job to document our lives - but somebody has to do it.
And then, I came up with the fabulous idea of making Kev a treat. One of his favorites to be exact. In hopes that he would start to feel better too.
I explained the treat to Kev as a bar with a brownie and a cookie. Unfortunately, he did not seem to remember these delicious treats. Even though he had proclaimed them his FAVORITE last time I made them.
Until I served them up last night.....

And then after one bite... He remembered. And informed me that next time I should explain them as the "brownie cookie treat" and he would know exactly what I was talking about.
They seemed to do the trick because I just got off the phone with him and he has a little bit of funny and happy back in his voice.
You see - the WORST thing for us is to be sick. Because we LOVE to laugh so much. And having a miserable cold is horrible if you love to laugh. Every time we would attempt to laugh - we would end up in coughing fits. Which would eventually make me punch Kev out of frustration. And then he would say "OW". Then we would both pout.
Being sick is no fun. No fun indeed.

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