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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Less Than One Month Away.......

It is almost here.

The wedding of the Century.

Laura and Dave = True Love Forever.

In honor of the wedding... I hosted a shower last weekend. Shannon and Ashlynn helped with all of the food......

Ridiculous amounts of food. As always.

This was Laura's third shower.... and there is still one to go.

Getting married these days has a lot of benefits it seems. I may have to rethink my marital status to get in on some of the action.

You know that I am in the market for all new kitchen utensils/dishes/appliances.

I will have to remember to talk to Kev about that later.

So, until my next marriage/vow renewal/house warming..... I will live vicariously through Laura as there are some pretty amazing new kitchen items out there right now.

Collapsible measuring cups/spoons. Who knew?

Here is Laura (center) with her best friends from high school/bridesmaids. ( Wow... I sure am using the / symbol a lot in this post)

Notice my ladylike (?) pose in the background. I must have mis heard how to be a lady and assumed that my knees had to be touching at ALL times... not just when sitting down. And am I just sooo exhausted that I cannot stand up straight in the door way?? I must lean on the door frame because I'm so frail?

( I've got to pay better attention to when people are taking pics.... they always seem to capture some pretty interesting poses of mine)

It just so happened to be a beautiful day. The first one in months. And we loved having every one over to celebrate.

Especially Kev who hid out in the garage.

Counting down the days until April 10th.......

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