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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Quest For A Flat Belly

Dear Pioneer Woman,

You are one of my best friends. However, I unfortunately have to inform you that we need to take a break. For the sake of my belly. And my jiggly bottom. I will still treasure your cookbook and will continue to make your incredibly delicious dishes. On occasion. And for special events.


The weirdo that is obsessed with you and you have no idea who I am.

That is the letter that I sent P.W. this morning. In my mind. It just has to be this way for now. Folks, my situation is serious. I have 8 BOXES of butter in my fridge. That is 32 STICKS. Just waiting to jump in a P.W. recipe to make my belly happy with delight.

My belly. It is out of control. It is rude to my jeans. And makes me have to wear spanx. It does not deserve happiness right now.

At least...that is what I thought. Until I was privileged enough to eat a delicious, out of this world, meal at Kev's parent's house.

That is when I was introduced to this book....

Now before you laugh. And point at me. And squirt me with a bottle of water (like Kev does to get me off of the furniture until I've had a bath).... let me just explain about this book. I am NOT a fan of hard to follow fad diets. I LOVE food. And I LOVE tasty, scrumptious food. This book isn't so much a "diet" but a cookbook. Yes, it encourages smaller proportions and much healthier eating. BUT it has "out of this world" meals. And combinations of flavors that will blow your mind. In the past two weeks, we have tried more new flavors and foods than we have our whole lives.
Let me give you some examples....
Southwestern Steak Salad:
Perfectly cooked Beef Tenderloin Steaks. On a bed of mixed greens, corn, tomatoes, and JICAMA. ( the J is supposed to be pronounced as a H .... but I refuse to do that) Ever heard of Jicama? I had. But only on Top Chef. And I had no idea what it was. It is a radish like vegetable - but without the bite. Completely delightful and fun to eat mixed in with the greens. And for the salad dressing.... it was made with avocados, greek yogurt, cumin, and lime juice.
It made me want to slap my granny out of pure excitement.
( NOTE: Slapping is how we show our affections out here in the country)
And then there is this: Mexican Stuffed Peppers!

I am making this tonight. It is a vegetarian dish. So, it is suitable for the majority of my meat hating family.
How about....... Korean Beef in Lettuce Leaves.....

Similar to PF Changs lettuce wraps. These are made with organic orange marmalade and hoisin sauce. Two things that this hill billy has never had. However, I have a feeling that I could be making a living off of canning ( or is it jarring?) orange marmalade. It sounds like something Laura Ingalls would do.
Oh... let me tell you about this delicious treat...... Caribbean Jerk Chicken with avocado mango salsa.....

I have never had a mango. I have NEVER thought about eating mangos, avocados, and onions all together. I have NEVER been happier in my life for trying this. OUT OF THIS WORLD. And Kev is still talking about it and we had it a week ago.
And for those of you wondering..... Kev is truly the best taste tester in the world. He loves to try new things. He is very honest and helpful in deciding if the meal is a keeper. He is always sooo appreciative and complimentary during every meal.
It warms my heart. And fuels my love for cooking. And makes me want to buy him a pony because he is so good to me.
But then I remember that he is not fond of pets in his own house/yard. Especially ones that poop, shed, and chew up things.
So, I just make him another great meal instead.
Like this one.....
Pork and Pineapple Tacos. Perfect for the LOST season premiere on February 2nd. ( Yes, we eat themed food to go along with our favorite shows)
And this delicious looking soup..... Beef Tenderloin and Onion.

This would be perfect for Valentine's Day with some fresh home made Artisan Bread... ( If Lisa can ever teach me to make it....)
Needless to say.... this "diet" has rocked our world. It has been so much fun planning meals. Cooking meals. Eating meals. And I haven't used a drop of butter, sour cream, heavy cream, or cream cheese in weeks.
My jeans thank this book. From the bottom of their hearts.
Oh... and as far as eating out goes. This diet is based on healthy fats. Like avocados, nuts, olive oil, olives, feta cheese.... lots of greek foods. So, it makes it pretty easy to enjoy food outside of the home.
Like when I went to this DELIGHTFUL sandwich place.....
And got one of the best sandwiches that I have EVER eaten. Tomato and avocado on wheat bread. INCREDIBLE!
And for those of you who don't like avocados. YOU ARE WEIRD! It is one of our favorite foods. I could seriously eat it every day. And thankfully this cookbook just about requires it. Avocados were one of the foods that Kev refused to eat when we first met. After I kicked him in the shins a couple of times... and held his nose so he would have to open his mouth... and may or may not have shoved an entire spoonful down his throat.... he has LOVED it just as much as me. And is so grateful of my forceful ways.

If you love to cook. And are looking for ways to eat healthier.... this book is your ticket.

And don't worry.... I will keep you updated on our quest.

Our quest to be "Fit in our skin for 2010".

( I seriously just made that up)

(But it sounds cool.... so, I will stick with it)

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