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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Frittata

It is amazing how easily time can get away from you.... I can have an entire month planned out to the last detail and before I know it a week has come and gone and only half of the things have been checked off my list.

I blame it on the over 100 degree heat.

It just sucks the life out of me.

Similar to what Eric from True Blood would do if I would let him.  And I would.

Yes, I realize he is a fictional character.... but a girl can dream.

Anyway, I think between training for the half marathon, following a weight training program, making yummy summer meals, hanging out in the produce department of The Fresh Market, and daydreaming about how much my life will change next year when Whole Foods opens.... I haven't had much time for blogging.

Oh.  And I work full time.  We can't forget about that.

It seems so easy for me to take photos, download them, and actually post them with a title... but adding the words is where I seem to struggle.

Especially when random Sci Fi shows are blaring on the tv.

God bless summer tv.

It is the only thing that I hate about summer.

Oh.. and that my skin literally sticks to the seats in my car.

This past week I did manage to fit in a FIVE mile run!! The most I have run to date with this training.  It felt amazing and was over in a flash.  It is so funny to me that some days it is like pulling teeth to get me to run.  My legs feel heavy, I can't get focused, I'm exhausted.... and then other days it is like I was made for it.

Hopefully, I will have more of the "other" days over the next two months.  I've got a LOT of training to do.

I also was FINALLY able to watch True Grit!  Kev "net-flixed" it for me.  AND I LOVED IT!!  I am such a sucker for a western.  I was meant to live during the time of cowboys, and petticoats, and guns, and not having to take showers for weeks.

Give me a western with a good storyline and a spoonful of peanut butter... and I am the happiest gal on the planet.

Until my peanut butter is gone.  :(

As far as the yummy summer recipes.... I'm afraid that I will be telling you about every single one of them.  It has been a good season for cooking.  For grilling.  And for just making lots of cold salads.  I could NOT live without my subscription to Clean Eating magazine!  It has the most amazing ideas inside and I have just about made every single thing from the last issue.

Remember when my parents brought me all of these veggies from my Dad's garden?....

Well, I put them to good use by making a summer veggie frittata.

In case you don't know... A frittata is kind of like an omelet.  It is just baked.  A frittata is also my brother's claim to fame in Syracuse as he unfortunately ate the biggest one I've ever seen and lived to tell about it.  You can read/watch all about it here
It pretty much makes me gag.

Even though I am SUPER proud!!

I got this recipe from ..... wait for it...... CLEAN EATING MAGAZINE!  Of course.

And besides eggs ( which I always have a million on hand... I'm the perfect neighbor) it only requires veggies. 

I sauteed them in olive oil.

And then added some FRESH basil in to the eggs... ( Kev's herb garden is THRIVING!! Which makes me all kinds of happy!)

Pour the eggs in with the veggies....
And bake.

This is what it came out looking like...
It was light.  It was FULL of flavor.  It was perfect for a dinner  ( we threw it on top of a HUGE spinach salad) and a couple of lunches.

Anything with eggs is my favorite thing.  And the home grown veggies just added the perfect touch!

Today is my LAST Saturday off before Fall.  I plan to make the most of it.  With skinny girl pina coladas and grilled pizzas.

It is going to be magical.

As soon as Kev wakes up from his nap.  

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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  1. Your frittata looked much more appetizing than the 6 lb one Dave ate.