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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Greatest Moments

I recently read a blog post that talked about greatest moments.

The three greatest moments in your life.... to be exact.

Your entire life thus far.... and only three moments.

That would be easy if I was 6 months old.

But I'm not.

So, it was extremely hard.

You see...I've had a pretty great life so far.  So, my great moments are pretty often.

At least to my standards.

My first time to walk down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

My first time to RUN down Main Street in Magic Kingdom with crowds cheering me on as I ran in my first half marathon.

Just about any time that I walk down Main Magic Kingdom.

Crossing a finish line.

Finding out my sister is going to be a Mother.

Finding out my brother is going to be a Father.

Receiving Valentine's chocolates from Kev in the walk in freezer at Little Caesar's Pizza.

Discovering caramel coffee at Starbucks.

Discovering caramel anything.

Having your Mom plan your fortieth birthday trip.

Winning a three-legged race with your Dad.  (we practiced for hours!)

Eating food.

Having your brother come home safely from Iraq.

Cuddling up with your Nana and watching tv for hours.

Discovering peanut butter.

Going home to the love of your life.

..... I could pretty much go on forever.  My point is that I have had ONE MILLION greatest moments and to summarize them in to three is so hard.

Believe me.  I have been thinking about it for WEEKS.

But I realized ( and discussed with Kev OUTLOUD whether he wanted to hear it or not) that the "surprise" of an upcoming moment is usually greater for me than the actual event.

For instance... Kev's proposal to me for marriage... at The Olive Garden!!... was better than our actual wedding day.  It was the moment that I knew I was getting married.  The actual wedding was just the final act.  Even though crushed velvet and massive hair was pretty momentous in itself.

Also the day that Kev surprised me with a NEW (to us) house!  It completely caught me off guard.  It was unexpected.  It blew my mind.  I literally fell to the floor in disbelief.  He had gone  above and beyond to get me the house of my dreams.  And he kept it all a secret.  That day was better than actually moving in... because by then I was absolutely exhausted and just wanted the renovations to be done. 

And then there is the time when I was dating Kev... when on Christmas Eve he gave me a gift.  My first mixer.... much to his Dad's dismay.  His Dad thought that giving a girl a mixer for Christmas was the worst idea.  He thought it should be jewelry or something romantic.  But that's when I knew that Kev knew me.  He really KNEW me.  And he gave me the thing that I had been wanting the most.  And has continued to do that every Christmas since.

When you have children or a pet, I assume the question is so much easier to answer.  (Unless you are my parents and you have six kids and you have to chose three moments. haha)  But since I have neither it completely frees me up to answer with just about anything.

I mean... I just drank a large coffee and ate homemade bean dip.  And I consider that to be pretty great!

Anyway, I just thought I would pose the question and give you all something to think about.  I asked Kev and he IMMEDIATELY responded with "I don't know" and quickly turned up the volume on the television.  Questions like that always seem to get guys in trouble. :)  Of couse, one of his answers would probably be the day that he got to watch his shows in peace and quiet.  But that won't happen as long as I'm around.

And speaking of GREAT MOMENTS!!!!!!  Right as I was finishing typing this..... I received the INCREDIBLE news that I have a new nephew... Tanner William. 

And I decided that I shouldn't just be limited to only answer with three.

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  1. I have so many great moments in my life, and one of them just happened 2 days ago with the birth of little Tanner William. Now we just need to get Caroline Ruth here and I will have a total of 8 grands!! Life is good!! Love, mom