The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Friday, August 19, 2011


That's about the only word that I can think of to sum up my feelings right now.

I tend to get anxious when I have several things on the "books" for the future.  I spend every waking moment that I am not working or working out... making lists, researching online, thinking about things, planning, packing, and making more lists.

I have a hard time living in the moment.

And ultimately, I just love making lists.

AND... I also just realized that this is only my SECOND post this month!! Clearly, my plans to blog consistently throughout the year have fallen by the wayside.  Even though I do have FIVE posts that I have started ( and have organized pictures for) that I have yet to complete.

Oh... and then there is the fact that I am trying to watch the entire last season of Friday Night Lights on DVR - before all of my new cooking shows start next week!  I LOVE me some Friday Night Lights... but trying to fly through the episodes has just added to the stress.

Stress? over Friday Night Lights?? Goodness! 

I need a life.

The three main things that I am most anxious about right now.... ( and I say "main" things because there are way more than three)

#1 and #2:  BABIES!!!!! I have a niece and a nephew scheduled to be born around the same time in the next couple of weeks.  And really, I feel like it could happen anytime. I check my phone constantly.  I walk around rubbing my belly and eating large amounts of peanut butter that I am claiming to CRAVE.  I practice the breathing techniques. I practice putting diapers on Kev.

I try to picture what the babies will look like.  I try to imagine their personalities.  I visualize our first meeting.  I think about how much I love them already.

I think about the little sweethearts and their parents ALL.OF.THE.TIME!!

Why oh why must they live so far away?

And why does pregnancy have to take SO long?? I do NOT have the patience for this!

Oh.. and then there is my little race in October.  The race definitely takes third.  It is on the brain constantly because I am training for it constantly.  I visualize crossing the finish line... at a decent time... over and over and over in my head.  I've planned what I am going to wear.  I've planned what I am going to eat.  I've planned what crazy face and fist pump that I am going to do when finish.

I've even planned what I am going to eat in celebration.

I will pay one million dollars to the first person that figures out a way to shut my brain off!!  And just so you know... sleeping pills don't work.  My body doesn't know how to sleep.

I will say, though, that our meals have been pretty delish around here lately.  I have been making all kinds of new things.... even if I am still challenged at taking pictures.

Oh, hello you bland, boring, washed out picture.  You are delicious enough to eat.  NOT!

I made this meal last night.  The "salad" is cucumbers, red onion (hella strong!!) and avocado mixed in sesame oil and rice wine vinegar - covered in sesame seeds.  The shrimp was marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, HONEY, and sesame oil... and then grilled.  All served with brown rice.

It was pretty Yum-tastic!

After eating it, I was forced given the opportunity to watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".  The orginal.  It seems that I "didn't have a childhood" because I had never seen the cult classic.  So, Kev made sure I did not live another day without experiencing it.

It was like "Glee".  From 1975.  With a lot of bizarreness, weirdness, craziness, and sequins mixed in.

At least I can check it off of my bucket list.

Lastly, because this post has just become way too random.... I have an awesome quote to share with you.  I read it online the other day ( probably when I was trying to download an app that merges baby pictures of expecting parents to give you an idea of what the child will look like) and it goes like this...

"Laugh as much as you breathe and Love as long as you live"  - Author Unknown.

I just love it. 

And now I am off to HOPEFULLY catch some zzzzz's... or at least one z.. before working the whole weekend. 

Hope you all have a great one!!


  1. Missed you on your blog, but missing you even more in person. I too think about the babies all of the time. I can't wait to get the news, and see pictures, and meet them too. Your dinner looks so yummy.

  2. Hello!! You are not the only one that is anxious!! What about the Nana-to-be of 2 brand spankin' new babies!!?? I have already applied for Family Sick Leave, packed two different suitcases (one for Syracuse, where they are still having summer, and one for Fairbanks, Alaska, where the temp drops to the 40's), gotten substitute teachers for my Sunday School class, and got a sub for my college classes. I have already told my students that I have a blue tooth and I WILL be answering my blackberry during class if I get a call!! I checked my blackberry twice during the night last night to see if there was any news! I am having trouble sleeping also!! Love, mom