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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Blustery Day

It is zero degrees outside. My lips are chapped. My hands are cracked. And my face is completely frozen in place. Kind of like getting free botox. Except for I don't look any younger.

But today I decided to make the most of it. It would do me no good to stay bundled up on the couch listening to Hawaiian Luau music and sniffing a container of pool chlorine. ( I like the smell. It reminds me of going swimming at the YMCA when I was young)

So, I got bundled up - the best a Southern girl can - and hit the streets.

And made the most of this winter day.

I participated in an intense spin class. Nothin' better to get you warmed up.

I purchased my LAST Christmas gift. Hallelujah! I am done!

I got all the groceries needed for my Christmas Eve party and Christmas Day dinner.

And now I am home. Feeling accomplished. And smelly. Frozen sweat is still sweat after all.

I'm planning to start my baking tonight. And some present wrapping. And, if you are lucky, I'm going to try to get caught up on blogging. And let you know what has been keeping me busy over the last two weeks.

But first, I have to share with you this incredibly yummy/healthy drink. They call it the "green monster". And "they" are the people that I call my internet friends.

It is one cup of skim milk. One banana. And two huge handfuls of spinach leaves.

Blend it all up. And it is refreshing, delicious, and filling. Not to mention full of nutrients.

I feel as strong as Popeye right now.
And just in case you are worried about the taste. You can't even taste the spinach. AT ALL. It tastes like a banana milkshake. With a little Dr. Suess green added in for some fun.
Hope you are staying warm.......

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