The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Things About Me

I'm still sick. And I've never been angrier than I am today about it. I just don't have time for this. And I'm going through gym withdrawals and have forgotten what it was like when I didn't have to blow my nose. Or breathe through my mouth.

Even though I do sound like Darth Vader. For any of you geeks out there.

So, I thought since I haven't been up to much.... I would just catch you up on my thoughts and experiences from the past week.

1. I FINALLY grew out my nails. I have been biting my nails since Spring of 1972 ( yes, that means it was when I was in the womb) and have NEVER been able to break the habit. But I finally did. And I like to paint them a dark shade of purple. It makes me feel a little rock and roll. And up to no good. Except for this whole "blowing my nose every second of the day" made me realize that nails are sharp and they can hurt you and the inside of your nose. Not to mention that I am the opposite of calm and dainty - so, I tend to scratch people just by walking by them. That means that - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER- I actually trimmed my nails with something other than my teeth. And filed them down. I can now type, text, and stick my finger in my eye without horrible consequences.

2. McDonalds is offering FIFTY chicken mcnuggets for $9.99!!! Why aren't more people talking about this. I don't understand. Chicken McNuggets are only my FAVORITE chicken nuggets OF ALL TIME. I rarely eat at McD's - but when I do, the nuggets is what I get. With no sauce. I like them plain jane. They are a true comfort food. And now that I think about it - I only eat them when I am on the road travelling. They make virtually no mess in the car - unlike the nachos and pizza that I attempted to eat while driving with my knees. Not good. Not good at all.
But my point is that if I was not trying to eat healthy - I would be buying a platter every single day. I would have nugget eating contests. And would create an entire festival around it. With potato sack races and every thing.

3. I made my first spaghetti squash.
I cut it in half. And roasted it.

And scooped out the insides. It looked just like spaghetti noodles. Just like the book said.

And then served it with steak, fresh tomatoes, and feta cheese.

It was pretty good. Definitely healthy. And interesting. I could see it being more flavorful if I actually put it in a spaghetti sauce.
4. I have only been to the gym once in the last week. And it was last night. I decided to take a spinning class since I can go at my own pace and it is dark - preventing people from seeing snot dripping out of my nose. It was an awesome class. And I got a really good workout. But ended up feeling worse last night instead of better. My head is so congested.
Anyway, I sat behind some of the coolest people. Five middle aged men and women who "ride" together and cheer each other on. They even yell out their friends names as they enter the class. Just like Norm on Cheers. This is the first middle aged group I have ever wanted to be in. I will have to work hard to make a good impression.
5. I'm actually feeling pretty good about the holidays this year. I'm very organized and have all my meals planned out along with grocery lists for each week. I don't know what has gotten in to me. I also have a day scheduled to decorate. And a day scheduled to shop. I'm crossing my fingers it all works out as planned.
6. We've got a big celebration coming up. A fortieth birthday party. And I'm going ALL OUT. For the two of us. Because that certain someone doesn't want to make a big deal about it. Too bad for him - he married the wrong person.
7. And last but not least, I will be recreating my favorite "meal" from the Food and Wine Festival this weekend. That is if I can find fresh lobster. It seems that this request at the sea food counter results in puzzled looks. And an offering of gator meat. Yes, that is right. I asked for lobster and was told they had gator meat instead - "which should be about the same". I may live in Gaston. But I don't eat like it. :)


  1. Sorry you're still so sick - hope you get better real soon. Gator meat does taste a little like lobster, but the texture is very different! We could pack some crayfish and send them if that would help! Sandi