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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I just made that word up. It is the best I could do on such short notice.

I'm at home sick today. I should really stop saying that I never get sick - because it seems I have some kind of something pretty often these days. Normally I would be fast asleep in bed trying to sleep my crud away.... but today we have a guy at the house working on stuff. Which means I have to look some what presentable ( thank you ball cap) and have to be sitting up on the couch ready to answer any questions he might have.

On top of my lack of energy and motivation, I have a list a mile long of things I needed to get done today. Like cleaning, laundry, painting, and working out. So, instead of doing any thing productive mostly because I am stuck to the couch, I decided to catch up on the blog. And I did manage to throw some yummy, healthy ingredients in to the crock pot for a pineapple soy sauce chicken dinner.

That should count for something.

Anyway, On Sunday, October 31st, we not only celebrated Halloween... but we celebrated the FOURTH year of owning our dream home/money pit. It is a pretty big day for us. Even though last year I was MIA due to my trip to Disney World. ( Kev never seemed to notice) This year I had all sorts of things planned. And wanted to make it extra special.

Just Because.

So, we started out our celebratory weekend by having a pumpkin carving contest. There are always two winners.... lucky for us. That way there is no fighting.

Kev just LOVES weapons and produce. It was almost too much for him to handle without breathing in to a paper bag.

And as a Snyder first, we decided to roast the seeds. I just sprinkled some Lawry's seasoning salt on them and tossed them in a bit of olive oil.

And then we decorated our front porch for the big day...

Now, I figure that the above picture deserves a little explanation. I carved the Mexican singer on top. And won the award for the "best carving of a pumpkin to resemble your favorite type of food". Kev carved the bottom one. And won the award for the "best reenactment of a Geico commercial". Get it? It is the "weeee weeee weeee all the home" pig. Complete with pinwheels.
We really had so much fun carving these pumpkins. And laughed quite a bit. Until I had to clean up my "station" and there was pumpkin goop ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE.
On the actual holiday, we spent the day reminiscing and laughing about all of the hard work, tragedies, and nonsense we went through to make this house a home.
Except for we really didn't laugh about it. It was so hard and stressful, folks. But totally worth it in the end.
And then I started my all day cooking extravaganza for our "party". We had bruschetta, hummus, honey chipotle chicken wings, and hoagie dip.
I made every thing from scratch. Except for the actual chicken pieces. God made those. I just bought them and whipped up a yummy sauce to cook them in. And I have to say that the hummus was divine ( I will make it every single week if I'm forced to) and the hoagie dip is a new favorite of mine. So yummy. It is basically everything you can imagine on an "all the way" Subway sandwich - but chopped up really small in to a dip. That you can eat with bread bites.

We loved it all. And ate WAY TOO MUCH! I mean, I was really feeling "food and wine festival full" that night. Which isn't a great thing. Unless you love the feeling of your stomach ripping away from your insides and catching on fire.
But it was worth it.
Here is a pic of the wings.... I sprinkled green onions and sesame seeds on top..
Then we sat around and waited patiently on trick-or-treaters. Except for we only had three. And they were all from the same car. What a huge disappointment considering I really took my time picking out the best candy and festive goodies. I had a bowl of spider rings, bouncy spider balls, stretchy skeletons, M &Ms, Snickers, and Skittles.
And I still have a TON of all of those things. I guess people don't really trick or treat any more? Or maybe it is the wall of trees that Kev planted to keep hobos out of our yard? Or maybe it was Kev's Halloween costume that scared them away....

He is always so festive.
No worries, though. Just be prepared that if you come to visit there will be a welcome bag for you with the above Halloween treats inside.
And I am still putting together a post of our Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom. But since my Mom is currently visiting DisneyLAND in California, I guess I will have to wait a little longer for pictures. She sure does live the life....
So, that pretty much wraps up my last vacation before the holidays. And I have to say that it was pretty awesome. And then I got sick. Maybe it was all the energy I had after eating honey... it just wore my body out. Speaking of honey, that sounds pretty good right now in a glass of tea.....
Here is to hoping that the man leaves my house soon so I can get some sleep.

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