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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Do you remember my good friend? The Pioneer Woman.

If you don't remember... then you must read this blog with your eyes closed. Because I only talk about her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

We just have the best relationship. She inspires me. She makes me laugh. She teaches me. She makes my husband love me more every day.

And we never fight.

Probably because she has no idea who I am.

Internet friends are the best.

Except for she has taken her three year old "family" blog and branched out in to the world.

Folks!! She is FAMOUS. And every one of you can experience her like I do.

She will expand your minds, expand your talents, and expand your thighs.

All with one extraordinary cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

I have been following her blog for almost a year now. And I have learned SO much about decorating, shopping, running a cattle ranch, photography, and most importantly- cooking.

And I had been anticipating her cookbook to be released for months and months.

The special date was October 27th.

And to tide me over - she made the month of October a pretty exciting one. By appearing on the Bonnie Hunt show, Southern Living magazine, and PEOPLE Country Edition....

And then her cookbook arrived at my house. And it was Christmas in October.

I have been savoring this cookbook for as long as I can. It is not a quick "flip through" book. Or something that goes immediately on a kitchen shelf.
It is a novel. Filled with incredible recipes, humor, stories from her life, and amazing photography.
There are step by step pictures and instructions for every recipe....

It is SO easy to follow. So enjoyable to use. And promises to get you marriage proposals. Even if you are already married.

And did I mention all the pictures of cowboys. And cowboy boots.
That makes it worth the price in itself.
In honor of The Pioneer Woman. I will be cooking recipes from her book for the next week. And am planning to cook EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. in the book. By the end of the year.
That is how much I love it. And her. And cowboys in chaps.
I bet Kev would look good in chaps. And a cowboy hat. And boots.
I think I've just decided what to get him for Christmas.
If you love country food. And great scenery. And humor. Then this is the cookbook for you.
And now I've got to get back to my reading. I'm only half way through. And I've had the book for two weeks.
Savoring a good book is important. At least until her next one comes out.
Oh... and I almost forgot to mention that she is #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list!!!!!
Way to go.. P.DUB!

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  1. I need this cookbook so I can be proposed to! Well, it would be nice to find a man first, then the proposal! Carrie