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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Birthday Celebration

October 29, 1949

Suzanne Marie Tillman was born.

My sweet Mother.

She was born in Alaska. In an igloo. Under a shooting star. And next to a seal pup. Which is a baby seal in case you didn't know.

The beginning of her life involved ice fishing, whale blubber, and penguins.

Or something like that. Because I really don't think there is much else to do in Alaska. Even though it is a beautiful place.

My Grandfather was in the Air force which caused the family to move around a lot. She has been and seen more places than all of the people that live in Gaston combined. ( Which really, if you think about it, isn't saying much because the people out here think they have traveled a lot when they just drive in to Columbia and back)

But just know that she has traveled A LOT. And has seen many amazing things.

I love this picture of her as a baby.... with my Nana, Aunt Sandi, and Uncle David.

And then there is this one. She is sitting on the left. Notice the resemblance between us.....

My Mom has led a very exciting life. She raised six children. Has five grandchildren. Earned her Masters degree.... and then Doctorate.

She has traveled the world. Twice.

She can decorate for a holiday like no other. And makes every holiday and birthday special.

She sings. She dances. She decorates cookies.

She drives a new red Volkswagen Beetle. Named Ladybug.

She raised me to love Disney. Taught me to cook at a young age.
She instilled in me the importance of tradition, keepsakes and making incredible memories.

She gave me one of my greatest treasures. My many photo albums of my youth. And still ... to this day... captures every great moment on film.

She works very hard to ensure our large family spends quality time together even in this busy, crazy life we live.

All in 60 years.....

We celebrated her birthday in Disney World. In style.

Disney takes celebrating birthdays to a whole other level. And makes you feel like a princess (or prince.. if you choose) for your entire day.
It was awesome. It was incredible. And it was a pleasure to spend her birthday with her.
Happy Birthday MOM!!! We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Sue! Kim, I can't wait to hear about your Disney trip.