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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Taste Explosion With Cheese

I'm sitting here on a Tuesday night ready to blog. Sitting here in spaghetti splattered shorts. Ready to blog about things that happened this summer.

Spaghetti splattered shorts? Yes. Unfortunately, it is a result of my cooking tonight. Cooking and watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was the reunion show, you see, and that means it was intense. Not that every show isn't intense. Intense with fighting and yelling and drama.

Why must I be so addicted to this nonsense? Kevin asks that question to his Magic 8 Ball every day.

So, I was mixing noodles in to the spaghetti sauce and my eyes are glued to the tv and a HUGE spoonful lands on the floor. But manages to slide all the way down my (new) shorts and legs.

Thank goodness my shorts only cost $2.50. Because it is a known fact that my laundry skills will do nothing for the stain.

And the reason I'm still sitting in them - and not frantically trying to "Shout it out" is because I don't have the energy. Or the time. My new time management skills have my day scheduled out to the minute. And I have one hour to blog in between practicing my dance routine to Bon Jovi's " Livin On A Prayer" and picking my toes.

I lead a very busy life. And there is nothing I can do about it.

So, speaking of blogging, how about I start doing it and stop rambling about nonsense.

I actually have a couple of posts started. I gave them titles. I downloaded the pictures. And then I hid them away in my archives and forgot to tell the story.

Like this one....

This post was set up to tell you about an amazing recipe that I tried. But it also had a picture of my back yard in the pouring rain. I wonder why. I have no recollection of what the two have to do with each other - maybe it was raining while I was cooking? Maybe I thought you had never seen rain before and I wanted to show you what it looked like? Maybe I thought the pic would cool you off in this unbearable heat we have been having. Regardless, I left the picture in. Because that is how I wanted it to be when I downloaded it a month ago.

But the real reason for this story is me wanting to share a delicious meal that I made. And have made several times since then.

It is from Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Potato Leek Pizza.

It sounds ridiculous. And unnecessary. But I am here to tell you that it was a taste explosion and party in our mouths.

I trust every thing that she makes. Because she knows good cooking. And we have very similar tastes. Cheese, butter, cream, sour cream, and butter. The five basic food groups.

I actually started by making (from scratch) the pizza crust. Super easy and so yummy. Except for my pizza dough throwing/rolling/stretching skills are NOT envied by Italians. The crust may taste great but it looked like a three year old's craft project ( no offense to three year olds)

Then I cut up the leeks. I had no idea what a leek was or what it looked like. And to be honest, it didn't sound to appetizing. But after some research I learned what to look for, how to clean it, and how to prepare it. And it is pretty much my new favorite vegetable. It is similar to an onion - just not as strong.

You saute the leeks in the bacon grease. Which, by the way, means that there is bacon on this pizza. You probably thought it was pretty healthy until I told you that.

And then for the potatoes. The slicing of the potatoes resulted in the greatest discovery in my kitchen of 2010. My food processor slices potatoes perfectly. And boy howdy, is it fun to do.

Basically, you roll out the crust. Lay the sliced potatoes in a single layer. Put on the leeks. Cover in thin slices of FRESH mozzarella. And then sprinkle the bacon on top of that. Then bake.

It is piled high. It it very filling. It is delightful. And even better the next day.
The healthy version: Remove every thing but the leeks. And make sure they are raw.
As you can see, healthy does not always equal fun to eat.
If you haven't bought Pioneer Woman's cookbook yet.. what are you waiting for? It will enrich your life. And your waistline.
Speaking of which... I've got a couple of crunches to do. Or maybe I will go to bed.
I better check my schedule.

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