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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remembering Summer

Autumn is 10 days away.

Which means that it is almost time to change my Febreze scents.

So, there is no better day than today to catch you up on our summer extravaganzas. And then I desperately need to clean my house.

Now don't get too excited over what I'm about to tell you. Because as much as I planned for a party-filled summer. The parties mainly consisted of me. Sitting in the pool - ALL DAY LONG-and drinking something tropical with a tiny umbrella sticking out of the glass. Except for, we don't have any tiny umbrellas - so, it was usually ( and unfortunately) a gnat.

Kev actually acquired a GINORMOUS hinged umbrella with a granite base on wheels - to prevent me from getting any more sun damage than I already have. I had the best seat in the house. And I cherished it.

But suddenly, the seasons have changed ( in my mind - not with the weather) and I feel like I can no longer sit in the pool all day when I have changed my closet to boots, scarves, and jackets. Not to mention that I need to catch up on life. And stop using the dryer as my underwear drawer.

But enough about that....

We hosted our 2nd annual Fourth of July party back in July. On the Fourth. ( Interesting how that worked out) And, unfortunately, the pictures I took only show a SMIDGE of who was there and what we did.

I would never be successful at filming a documentary.

But luckily the weather was fantastic. As well as the food and company. It was a great day for celebration...

My hired help for making the burgers.... ( I have learned to wear gloves when handling meat because #1 it is disgusting to touch and #2 I never feel like I can get my hands clean enough and #3 the people who eat my food probably appreciate it and #4 it is fun to put on gloves.)

The infamous Pioneer Woman stuffed jalapenos.... I put two on my burger and proceded to hear angels singing in my head. Probably because the cholesterol, cheese, and bacon were about to clog my arteries for good.

Look at this cool, refreshing, blue water. I should be out there right now sitting in it. But due to the fact that we have a "no technology on the pool deck" rule. I have to sit inside until I finish this post.

My neice with my neice ( Kiara) and sister (Princess). I guess you would call Princess my half sister though - being that she is a dog and all.

I LOVE this picture of Kev's parents.....

Yep. And that is it for pictures. But as I said before - there were TONS of people ( at least 23) at the celebration. And it went in to all hours of the night ( 9pm). And ended with an amazing fireworks display put on by Mike and Ashlyn ( yes, they are kids - but Kev says you've got to learn some time) and funded by Kev " I spent $10.00 on fireworks - well, at least one of the (very small) packs was $10.00" - when asked how much all the fireworks cost.
It was worth it, though.
We've also enjoyed having people over throughout the summer. Usually one or two at a time. And we've decided that setting out a bunch of food and drinks and getting in the pool is the best way to host a party. I think I will make a sign - for next year- to hang on the front door. It will say " We are in the pool - help yourself".
There is nothing like good, Southern hospitality.

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