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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Caught Up

I am SO far behind in SO many things. Like sleeping, shaving, bathing, and sleeping. Oh... and blogging. Which is killing me because you know I have so much to say. But this week has been a doozy ( not sure how to spell that word because I don't think it is a real word and probably should not even be typed.. let alone said). And I can sum up this week in one word....


Let's just say that it was a very important week for me and it involved a lot of bleach, paint, sweat, and breaking scissors off in locked doors.

But I survived. And all is well. And I'm better for it.

I think.

At least I know that I am exhausted for it. Which is why I am "getting caught up". On everything. Like sleep, blogging, sleep, recorded tv shows, emails, and sleep. And maybe shaving if I feel up to it later.

It's a pretty big job.

Here is what I have learned this past week.....

1. I am married to Benjamin Button. I've actually known that Kev aged backwards for a long time now... but didn't know it was really a possibility until I saw the movie. It confirmed that I wasn't crazy. And that just because Kev has had a few "hair-do" changes... he continues to get younger and younger.

I'm screwed.

2. I've also learned that bleach, Simple Green, CLR, and soft scrub mixed together bleaches out a gray linoleum floor, gives me a headache, and makes me forget my middle name. And did I mention gives me a headache.

Oh yes... I did mention that already. Please excuse my repetitive statements as the above combination also gave me some major brain damage.

3. I love skinny/slim leg jeans. Like really LOVE them. They make me walk faster and kick higher because I don't have to deal with the extra "boot cut" fabric. I felt like a Charlie's Angel yesterday. A Jaclyn Smith/Farrah Fawcett angel. Not the Lucy Lu/Cameron Diaz kind.

4. Hudson's Smokehouse is OPENING. ON. HARBISON. TODAY!!! This means fried okra any day of the week. And mac n cheese. And brisket. And happiness.

5. And the MOST IMPORTANT learning of all...... well, not actually a learning.... but something I have been waiting for FOR NINE MONTHS....

IS THE BIRTH OF BABY LILLIAN!!!!! My sweet cousin Angela who writes "The Gallup Family" blog is giving birth as we speak!! I am soooo excited that I can't stand it. You better believe that I will be posting the sweet baby girl's picture as soon as I get it......

This is a picture of her beautiful pregnant self yesterday......

We love you Clay and Angela!! And sweet baby Lillian Marie. I can't wait to meet you!
Coming soon..... Lots of posts that will get you caught up on my life!

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