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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Belated Birthday Post

August 9th, 2009.

Yep. Almost a month ago, my brother in law celebrated a birthday. And I was no where to be found.

My life is complicated. Especially since the economy sucks.

Anyhoo. I told him "happy birthday". I made a delicious dinner in his honor - that me and Kevin ate by ourselves. And I thought about him and figured up how old he is now. And how I don't want to associate myself with any one under the age of 30.

I don't have time for it. And there are SO many things that the "youngsters" today don't know.

And then I went to post about him... but got all wrapped up in New York, and cooking, and frogs. And never quite got the information put together.

But don't let that fool you.... because I LOVE this guy. And now I am going to tell you the reasons why. In numerical order.

And please don't think that I number things because I love math. Because I don't. But my Dad does and he refuses to read this blog unless my statements are numbered.

So here goes....

1. He is a magician.

Now, let me just make it very clear that I typically do NOT like magicians. Magicians usually seem very devilish to me. And I don't particularly care for the devil. Because he is evil, mean, and well... he is the devil. Enough said.

But this magician is another story. And he wows me with his tricks. And makes me feel like I am on a great family vacation enjoying skit night with the people I love most.

And actually if you remember correctly... that is just where we were and just what I was doing when he performed. And it was awesome.

#2. The Motorcycle Man.

I also do NOT like motorcylces. AT ALL. They are dangerous and evil. Just like the devil. But this guy apparently loves the thrill and excitement of riding such a massive bike around town. And who am I to take away his fun.

And I'll just be honest here. His bike is pretty cool. He stores it in our garage some times and I love to sit on it and sip lemonade. Commando.

For future reference..... it is probably NOT in your best interest to let us "watch" things for you. We are pretty crazy and devious.

3. He wishes he lived in Mexico.

We took him there once. To Mexico. And he tried so hard to fit in. Unfortunately, their hats are too small. And their service is horrible. And their food is too expensive. And their portions are too tiny. And their bathroom is closed for renovation.

Wait... Am I talking about Mexico the country... or Mexico the place in Epcot where we "ate" dinner and had a miserable time? I'm sure they both would fit my description. Which is why I stick to Taco Bell and call it a day.

4. He loves Kid Rock.

The singer/rapper/country artist/ lover of "hos". At least that is what his shirt says. And who can blame him. I love me some Kid Rock too. He makes some incredible beats. Kev and I can perform his songs like no other. It is truly a sight to see......

But most importantly.... he married my sweet sister Kristen. They have been married 1 1/2 years. And we think he is great!!

So... happy belated birthday JC!!! We love you and wish you all the best!

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