The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The recap:

Actually this recap begins with the very end of May.  After I returned from my (first) visit to Pawley's Island.

1.  My nephew, Michael, graduated high school.
Seeing all of the graduates gave me flashbacks to my graduation... when I thought I was SO grown up and ready to take on the world.  But I really had no clue.

I actually felt scared for them.

Or maybe I was just feeling delirious because I chose to wear a maxi skirt with a jean jacket on the first super hot day of the year.
And then I climbed seventy billion stairs while helping Laura carry a stroller full of Caroline.
You better believe I counted that as my workout for the day.

And my tank top  has the sweat stains to prove it.

2.  Another nephew, Austin, graduated from fifth grade (on the same day).
He won all sorts of awards!  It was very exciting!
3.  I got to experience lots of cousin love.  ( But not in the Alabama kind of way!  haha)
4.  Laura and Caroline were actually home for five weeks!  So, I was extra lucky to get to spend lots of one-on-one time with them.
5.  Kev and I watched multiple seasons of Dexter.

6.  We also watched the first season of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.  Who needs Showtime and HBO when you have Netflix?!

I'm hooked on all three series, by the way!

7.  I started attending classes at City Yoga.  Such an incredible experience!  Not only for the wonderful instructors and amazing classes... but also because it is across the street from Pawley's Front Porch.

8.  Pawley's Front Porch.  We FINALLY got to try it.  The restaurant has been on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives and is famous for it's burgers and fish tacos.

And fried pickles...
It was our first time trying them and they were pretty spectacular.  Even after sitting in the car for 30 minutes on my drive home.

I also ordered every fish taco that they offered so we could have a taste testing.

This grilled mahi mahi was definitely my favorite!
Kev's favorite was the buffalo shrimp taco, then the tempura fish taco, and lastly the grilled mahi.

It was an excellent meal!

9.  More Caroline lovin' time....
Laura and Caroline came out to our house to spend the day.

10.  Pawley's Island visit #2.

Laura's family got a house at the beach for a week and invited me up for a night.
It just so happened to be the same beach house that we "family reunioned" at a couple of years ago.  The house where Dave and Laura became more than just friends.

My Mom and Dad came for a visit too!
"I caught a fish THIS BIG!"
I also got a little playtime with this sweet girl... my second cousin, Lillian!  She taught me the secret to playing paddle ball is to "hit the ball gently".  If she only knew that "gently" is not something I'm good at  :)

11.  I busted out my new Pioneer Woman cookbook and tried a couple more of her recipes.  One of them using this...
to make this:  Peach Whiskey Chicken.  It was delicious!  I can't link to the recipe because it is only in her, you will just have to go out and buy it.  It is totally worth it, though!

12. I started getting extra-super-duper excited about my upcoming trip to Yellowstone!! It is now less than a month away and I CANNOT wait!

And that, folks, pretty much sums up June.  Along with chores, working out, chores, and eating lots of good food.

July has already started off with a BANG <- literally!  (Wait until you see the amount of fireworks Kev acquired.)

It is turning out to be a pretty fantastic summer!


  1. Wow!! That was a busy end of May and month of June!! July will bring our much anticipated trip to Yellowstone to celebrate someone's special birthday!! Love, mom

  2. We all must sacrifice for fashion, and you just can't complain about the heat when you look that fabulous in a jean jacket!!! The guys look so great at their graduations (can you send me Shannon's address?) and I'm sure it made it extra special to have you there. I think I might have to buy the book to get the Peach Whiskey Chicken recipe - yummy!! Will you be able to blog during your trip to Yellowstone or will we have to wait until you get back to read all the details? Can you give the general itinerary of where you'll be and what you'll be seeing so I can imagine you each day of your trip?? Love you, Aunt Sandi