The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the Last 25 Days....

1.  We didn't win the eleventy billion trillion dollar lottery.... despite my strategic ticket purchases.  I bought two from two different gas stations.  I was feeling lucky.  And clever.

We spent the evening discussing what we would do with the money.

Me: laser hair removal.

Kev: bill paying, investments, plans for retirement - lots of boring stuff.  Oh.. and an expensive car or two.

Then the numbers were posted.

And I was forced to invest in more razors.

2.  The University of Kentucky won the National Championship!!!!  GO CATS!!!

And my Dad hasn't stopped grinning since.....

3.  I discovered (on Pinterest) and made the most delicious dessert EVER....and then quickly turned against it, declared my hate for it, and hoped that I would never see it again.

After I ate four bowls of it.

It is what my dreams are made of.

Especially when it is layered multiple times in a trifle bowl.

4.  My sister bought some chickens. 

Chickens mean FRESH EGGS! 

Unlimited fresh eggs meant that I debated on moving in to a tent in her back yard.

But then I visited.  And smelled the chickens. Saw how much work they were. And decided that I would stay put and wait for the eggs to be hand delivered.

Which means that I will just keep buying them from the store.

4.  I celebrated Easter with my family. 

And got to see sweet Abigail hunt for eggs...
5.  We had visitors at our house....

And were able to spend the day by the pool.

Only ONE of us was irresponsible and got burned.  And that "one" just happens to be the "one" that lives in Florida!

Go figure!

But it was nothing that #3 couldn't fix.  #3 can fix anything!! 

In addition to a ton of aloe.

6.  I got blogger's block. I struggled and struggled to come up with stuff to talk about.... even though there has been plenty.

I've been getting used to a new Blogger layout.  And a new (to me) computer.  And days that are filled with work and chores and projects.

But I'm still here!! I'm still working out and cooking and laughing and planning adventures.  And, most importantly, I'm still blogging!!

Thanks for your patience and support and for wondering what the heck happened to me!!

It feels good to be back!


  1. It is soooooo good to have you back blogging again. Now I can start my day out right again -smiling and laughing!! Thanks, Kim!! Love, mom

  2. FINALLY!!! I was really getting worried. I thought maybe:
    1. You found a Groupon that required you to do 4 consecutive hours of kick-boxing every night for a month and it was all you could do to drag your body home each night for Kev to put in bed;
    2. You enrolled in a month-long Pioneer Women cook-off held in China and you'd made it to the finals (and won of course);
    3. You ran a marathon; got lost; and have been surviving on grass, dirt and berries for a month until the bunnies led you home.
    Regardless, you are back now and I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I click on your link and found a new message with pictures. You are the first one to mention the National Championship - where are all the diehard Kitty fans??? You made the right decision about the chickens (been there-smelled that!) and I can't wait to try your new delish dessert. Hope you have a fabulous week and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we see you soon. Love you, Aunt Sandi