The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Saturday Night

That just so happened to be the 5th of May.

Perfect timing for a Mexican food celebration if I do say so myself.

I hadn't really put that much thought in to it this year.  I mean, I thought about it.  And I planned a meal.  But I didn't go all out with sombreros and pinatas and margaritas and overflowing bowls of chips like I used to do.

Our celebration was to consist of guacamole and vegan enchiladas.

And a lot more guacamole.

But Kev had a better idea.  He surprised me on Friday night with this....

 And my simple dinner turned in to a fiesta!

It is no secret that we love a quesadilla around here.  They are easy and filling and delicious and can be made all different ways.  The problem is that I always struggle with flipping them over in the pan - which causes them to either burn or fall apart. 

And  yes, I realize that my problems are mainly due to overfilling the tortillas.  But I can't help it.

So, Kev bought this little gem in hopes that my quesadillas would be perfected and I would have less time over the stove and more time to stuff guac in my mouth.

My only stove time consisted of veggie sauteing... peppers, onions, and mushrooms....
And then it was time to put my quesadilla maker to work.

Not surprisingly, one of the main rules of "the maker" was to NOT overfill the tortillas.

It is easier said than done.
The positives were that they ended up much healthier because I didn't need to cook them in oil.  Just a little non-stick spray did the trick.  ( I used Ezekiel tortillas)

And they also tasted great!
The negative was that they took a little longer than expected.  So, while I was stuffing my face, Kev was  waiting on his to finish. 

I get impatient when I'm hungry.

Therefore, we decided that next time we will share the first one while the second one is cooking.

I'm sure that you are completely blown away by our problem solving skills.  :)

I had also forgotten to buy jalapenos ( I know - it blows my mind, too!) and had nothing to spice up the guacamole.  That is until I noticed a jar of banana peppers in the pantry.  We had forgotten how much we love banana peppers and they made the guacamole incredible!

It was a little sweet without being too spicy ( I've been told my guac is a little too spicy from time to time) and was the perfect addition to the veggie quesadillas.

So, while it wasn't the wildest Cinco that we have ever had, it was a good one!  Especially because I was able to wake up feeling good the next day!


  1. I told Bethany that you would come up with something creative for Cinco de Mayo!! Dad and I enjoyed homemade Mexican food with her, Teddy, his parents and grandmother! We made it into a Cinco de Mayo/Happy Birthday party fiesta!! I'm glad yours went so well! Love, mom

  2. It all sounds way too delicious! That quesadilla maker looks fun - I may want one. We have gotten into a burrito binge lately, so this would allow us to branch out. Love you, Aunt Sandi